Supplements for Older Dogs

Free Range Joint Supplement For Dogs

Free Range Joint Supplement For Dogs

493 reviews

$34.97 $29.97

Joint Lubrication Bundle

Joint Lubrication Bundle

229 reviews

$69.94 $44.97

Joint & Paw Pack

Joint & Paw Pack

1 review

$52.90 $44.97

Vitality Omega 3 for Dogs

Vitality Omega 3 for Dogs

268 reviews

$34.97 $19.97

Itchy Paw Pack

$39.92 $35.97

Balance Probiotic For Dogs

207 reviews

$34.97 $24.97

Paw Relief

Paw Relief

30 reviews


Complete Canine Maintenance Pack

73 reviews

$104.91 $69.97

Alpha Dog Stack

49 reviews

$129.88 $89.97

Workhorse Bundle

56 reviews

$104.91 $74.97

Free Range - Two Pack

5 reviews


Free Range - Three Pack

2 reviews

$104.91 $83.92

Free Range - Single Bottle

3 reviews


Is your dog getting older? Is he set in his ways or finicky about his diet? Does your senior dog refuse to eat food intended to bolster his nutrition as he gets older? We understand. At Alpha Dog Nutrition, we carry a complete line of of dog supplements, including soft chews, that promote your dog's health. 
Nobody wants to see their dog get older or find it more difficult to play, jump, run, and even walk. Yet this is a common problem as our dogs age. Their joints start to lose flexibility, their coats start to get patchy, and they don't have the energy they once did. Many dog owners take for granted that this is a normal part of the aging process. But you don't just have to stand by and watch it happen!
As your dog ages, it's vital that he get the fatty acids and other nutrients he needs to promote good health. This includes the health of his skin and the health of his coat! And if you can't get your dog to eat a more balanced diet to promote joint health and other positives as he ages, then your pet has few options. That's where Alpha Dog Nutrition's dog supplements come in.

Dog Supplements For Joint Health As Your Dog Ages

Does your dog have trouble going up and down stairs? Is your senior dog a little slower to jump up on, or get down from, the couch or the bed? That's not unusual. Our dog supplements for your senior dog will help him or her with joint health as your pet ages. A healthy dog can live a long, happy life... but without the right dog supplements (often available as soft chews, which your dog will enjoy like his normal treats) your senior dog might have some trouble getting older. 
People take supplements as they get older for the same reason. We aren't as spry in our older age as we were in our youth. Your dog's joints are the same way. Flexibility and resilience you took for granted when your pet was young and healthy might change as your dog gets older. If you want to help your  dog with his or joint health, then our dog supplements (and soft chews) are the right solution.

Dog Supplements To Promote Healthy Skin and Coat

One of the most important aspects of our supplements has to do with your dog food. Many of our furry friends can be quite fussy and picky about their food. If your dog food isn't delivering enough nutrients, then your best friend might have some skin and coat issues. For example, we offer allergy supplements that help combat inflammation. If your furry friend suffers from itchy skin, he won't just be irritated (and irritable). He might also lose hair as he digs away at his coat to find relief.
Supplements can help fill the gap. If your dog food doesn't have all the nutrition your dog needs, supplements are the solution. And hey, we understand. Once your best friend finds a dog food he or she likes, it isn't uncommon for them to be resistant to change. Some dogs won't eat a new dog food at all. Supplementing your dog's diet will help him or her get the nutrients needed for a long, healthy life. Just like people who don't eat a balanced diet can help stack the odds in their favor with vitamins (especially as they age), Alpha Dog Nutrition's supplements can make all the difference.

Let Alpha Dog Nutrition Help Your Older Pet

Aging is a part of life, and one of the things all dog owners cope with is the fact that they'll outlive their furry friends. With proper nutrition and exercise, though, your dog can live a very long life, enjoying an excellent range of motion (and excellent joint health) well into old age. After all, that's what we all want: To enjoy the company of our beloved dogs, and help them to enjoy their lives, for as long as possible.
As your dog ages, dog supplements are the key to helping him or her live longer and be happier. We all need better nutrition in our lives. Dog supplements are, in that way, equivalent to human nutritional supplements. Alpha Dog Nutrition's line of dog supplements can really help your furry friend as he or she ages, improving joint flexibility while reducing skin irritation and promoting a healthy coat. A good supplement soft chew may be just the thing to help your dog as he gets older.
Rely on Alpha Dog Nutrition and our dog supplements to help your aging dog live a long, full, and happy life. It's what we're here for. It's what we'd really like to do for you.
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