Dog Muscle Supplements

The Best Dog Muscle Supplements On The Market Today

When it comes to rebuilding muscle after a long day of activity, your dog needs every vitamin that promotes muscle growth that they can get. While many dog owners rely solely on dog food to try to get all the vitamins & nutrients that are required to rebuild muscle, smart dog owners use Alpha Dog Nutrition dog supplements! We pack considerably more vitamins & nutrients into our dog muscle supplements than any dog food could ever hope to, and it results in a healthier, stronger dog at the end of the day!

So Much More Than Just A Muscle Builder

Have you ever seen a body builder walking around like a gorilla or a bully, but it's clear they can hardly move & don't have any kind of stamina at all? That's not at all what you want for your dog. Building muscle solely for the sake of being a muscle builder is absolutely useless for your dog unless they still have the ability to perform. Worse yet, solely getting your dog muscle supplements to bulk up can lead to drastically increased chances of ligament injuries.
Simply put, you want to be smart about the dog supplements for muscle growth that you use. Your dog is naturally going to build muscle with increased activity (even without additional protein), it's the rebound after that activity that you need to focus on as a max dog owner.
That's why Alpha Dog Nutrition developed our Resurgence dog muscle supplement. Resurgence contains the max amount of vitamins & minerals to help your dog rebuild muscle more quickly so they are ready to get after it the next day. We originally developed Resurgence Recovery Supplement for dogs to help promote muscle growth after it breaks down during exercise. Long weeks of bird hunting every day with our dogs would typically leave our dog completely wiped out, but with Resurgence they bounce back after a tough hunt, recovering quickly for the next one to get the max performance out of the week.

Dog Muscle Supplements Made Right Here In The USA

One thing that we are incredibly proud of here at Alpha Dog Nutrition is our commitment to making all of our products right here in the USA to get the max quality control & performance. You'll see from our product reviews & ratings that our customers truly do appreciate it, and it certainly serves a purpose when it comes to dog vitamins & muscle-building performance in dog health. 
Simply put, quality control is first on our mind. From the individual ingredients to the proprietary overall dog muscle supplements, everything is strenuously tested. We even manufacture our dog health supplements in a facility that primarily manufactures human grade supplements, vitamins, and other nutritional products to get the max quality control & performance that we can!

Customer Service That We Can Be Proud Of

Take one look at our reviews & you'll see that our customers love Alpha Dog Nutrition for more than just our dog food nutritional products. Typically for e-commerce companies the customer service departments is kind of the 500 pound gorilla in the room, but not for us. We take pride in our customer service department being people you'd be happy to grab a beer with, and we often end up just chatting about your dog, hunts you've been on, and more!
In other words, we don't outsource our customer service department to call centers or overseas employees. You're talking to people right here in Wisconsin with the midwest values that we grew up on, & we don't plan on changing that any time soon!
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