Dog Allergy Supplements

Itchy Paw Pack

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Vitality Omega 3 for Dogs

Vitality Omega 3 for Dogs

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OptiPup Supplement for Puppies

OptiPup Supplement for Puppies

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Paw Relief

Paw Relief

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Joint Lubrication Bundle

Joint Lubrication Bundle

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Complete Canine Maintenance Pack

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Joint & Paw Pack

Joint & Paw Pack

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Alpha Dog Stack

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Workhorse Bundle

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Does your dog have allergies? Does your dog have skin issues that result from allergies, for example? There are many dog supplements available that help dogs with allergies to cope with these skin and coat problems. Some rely on fish oil in liquid form or capsules, while many are available as soft chews. Your dog's skin and coat depend on a healthy diet of omega 3 fatty acids from fish oil... but it's not just oil that matters.
No matter what brand you buy, however, the dog allergy supplement you get is intended to help your best friend prevent itchy skin and develop a healthy coat. Your pet is a member of the family; you wouldn't let a family member suffer with allergies and irritated skin without helping them. Alpha Dog Nutrition carries a complete line of dog allergy supplements that can help your pet.
Dogs, like people, are supposed to get the nutrients they need (including necessary oils, vitamins, minerals, etc.) from the food they eat. But managing your pet's diet can be tricky. Just like people don't always eat the right mix of foods to get the oils and other nutrients they need, pets can be finicky. If your dog won't eat a diet that gives him everything he needs, he won't be as healthy as he could be. And if your dog has allergies, his skin and coat might suffer. He might become itchy and restless. He might suffer from other skin and health problems, too.
Supplements from Alpha Dog Nutrition, including dog supplements for allergies, with fish oil, and other issues (including skin issues), are the solution. When you supplement your dog's diet with vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids found in products like fish oil, you help your dog to be as healthy as possible. A happier, healthier pet means a happier, healthier family!

Yes, Pets Get Allergies Too

Yes, your dog might have allergies. Dogs can be allergic to things just like people can be. What you may not realize, though, is there is a connection between your dog's skin and his ability to stay healthy despite things he may encounter in his environment. Your dog is constantly getting into things. Take your dog for a walk, and he or she will be nosing through brush and sniffing at all the amazing and curious smells that are out there. Along the way, your pet may encounter allergens or other irritants.
If your dog has food or seasonal allergies, his or skin might become irritated. Your dog's coat might suffer, and your poor pet might constantly be itchy and even irritable. People are the same way when they're suffering with allergies. Why should we think dogs would be any different? And while people often pop allergy pills and try to avoid the problem, most pets don't. 
Your pet's best defense is to develop healthy skin and a healthy coat... and the best way to do that is to make sure your dog gets the necessary vitamins, nutrients, fish oils, and minerals. These antioxidants and fatty acids help bolster your dog's ability to fight inflammation. In other words, if your dog gets the right supplements, he or she will have the nutrients necessary for a healthy coat and healthy skin.

The Power Of Fish Oil To Fight Allergies

We've mentioned fish oil a few times. The Omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil are what help your dog fight inflammation and irritation (which is what helps prevent itchy, red, irritated skin). Irritated skin can also lead to hair loss, both because of the inflammation and because your dog is scratching at himself. 
A good dog supplement that includes Omega-3 fatty acids from fish oils will definitely help. The antioxidants and other nutrients in our dog allergy supplements help your pet to be as healthy as possible. Our dog allergy supplements also help with your pet's immune response, and help keep your dogs histamine levels where they should be.

Why Not Soft Chews

Any dog owner that has paid any amount of attention to dog allergy supplements has noticed the massive amount of options for soft chews on the market today. The issue with soft chews is that they require additional additives & fillers to manufacture, which increases your dog's risk of additional allergies. Alpha Dog Nutrition's dog allergy supplements are available as krill oil capsules to help your pet avoid the bad taste of fish or salmon oil without negative side effects on their health or immune system. You don't want to be force-feeding vitamins to your dog, obviously, and nobody enjoys playing that game of cleaning up fish oil in food dishes after serving. With our capsules, your dog will think their dog allergy supplements are just another treat, and even enjoy taking them.

We Carry A Complete Line Of Dog Supplements

Alpha Dog Nutrition is proud to carry a complete line of dog supplements, including dog allergy supplements. Give your pet the healthy head start he or she needs. Give your dog Alpha Dog Nutrition supplements to better prepare him or her for a safe, healthy, long life. The best way to fight allergies is with Alpha Dog Nutrition's dog allergy supplements. If an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, our supplements are worth their weight in gold.  
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