Dog Supplements For Torn ACL

Joint Lubrication Bundle

Joint Lubrication Bundle

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Joint & Paw Pack

Joint & Paw Pack

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Free Range Joint Supplement For Dogs

Free Range Joint Supplement For Dogs

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Vitality Omega 3 for Dogs

Vitality Omega 3 for Dogs

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Complete Canine Maintenance Pack

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Alpha Dog Stack

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Workhorse Bundle

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Providing World Class Dog Supplements For Torn ACL Recovery & Beyond

One of the most discouraging & heartbreaking things that can happen as a dog owner is if your dog suffers a torn ACL, CCL or other serious torn ligament injury in the connective tissue in their knee. The second the injury happens, there is zero doubt that there is a massive commitment as a dog owner, both in the amount of time you spend with them during recovery as well as financially. A torn ACL or CCL surgery for dog knee ligaments can easily range over $1,500, and that doesn't count the pain management during their recovery.
With this kind of commitment, it is no wonder why so many dog & pet owners turn to joint supplements and other dog supplements for torn ACL recovery. While the joint will be immobilized from the brace after surgery, once that comes off your dog still has a long road ahead of them. Your veterinary clinic will almost certainly recommend some high quality joint supplements to keep your dog healthy & avoid long-term ailments like arthritis as they age.

What Supplements Help With Torn ACL Recovery?

The first thing your vet is going to recommend after a significant dog knee ligament injury like a torn ACL or a cranial cruciate ligament tear is some sort of anti-inflammatory medication to help keep the swelling & pain down in the dog knee. This will likely be a prescription drug immediately after surgery, but over time they will recommend that you switch to a joint supplement. Common ingredients for a high quality joint supplement for a torn ACL include glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, & Omega 3 fatty acids.
Alpha Dog Nutrition's Joint Lubrication Bundle has all of these critical ingredients to help avoid knee & leg lameness after ACL surgery or TPLO surgery. Our Free Range Joint Supplement for Dogs contains anti-inflammatory ingredients like Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, & Brewer's Yeast to help combat prevalent long-term symptoms of Torn ACL injuries like arthritis. Most importantly, we got rid of all the harmful additives & fillers that other brands use to make you feel like you are "getting more for your money". All the good stuff with none of the bad? Yup, sounds good to us!
As for our Vitality Omega 3 Fatty Acid supplement for dogs, this supplement is incredible for blood flow to make sure that all the nutrients from Free Range joint supplements for dogs get to where they need to go. This is a krill-based omega 3 fatty acid, meaning it is more digestible than fish oil based omega 3's like salmon oil, cod oil, etc. Our goal is to make sure that your dog is absorbing all the nutrients it possibly can from our dog supplements for torn ACL injuries, and if you take a look at our reviews you'll find that our customers think we are doing a pretty damn good job!

The Highest Quality - Made In The USA

One of the things that we are most proud of here at Alpha Dog Nutrition is that we've remained committed to providing the highest quality dog supplements for torn ACL injuries. This often comes at the expense of our own margins, which is completely okay with us. As long as we are able to make a positive impact in as many dog's lives as possible, we are more than okay with making less money than our competitors.
That's why we remain committed to getting all our products from right here in the United States. The single exception to that is Vitality, which can't technically be sourced from the United States since Krill are an ocean-based organism & the USA obviously doesn't own an ocean! However, Vitality is processed, manufactured, & tested right here in the United States at facilities that actually exist primarily to make human-grade supplements. That's how committed we are to providing the highest quality dog supplements for torn ACL & other ligament injuries to help your dog recover as quickly as possible!

Customer Service That You'll Actually Enjoy Talking To

Yup, you read that right! Much like our products, our entire team is based right here in the USA - more specifically in Wisconsin. We pride ourselves on bringing our midwestern values to work with us, and we genuinely care about you and your dog. Having been through our dogs or those we're close with also having torn ACL, CCL, or TPLO surgery, we know just how stressful this situation can be. While you love your dog as much as any other family member, it is an incredibly difficult journey to get them to recovery.
So with that being said, we're here to help! From bringing you world-class dog supplements for torn ACL surgery recovery, or CCL surgery recovery, or TPLO surgery recovery, to providing you with advice and support that you need to get your dog back to where they used to be. We're here for you, simply pick up the phone, hit us up on messenger, or shoot us an email and we will be happy to help!
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