Dog Supplements For Itchy Skin

Vitality Omega 3 for Dogs

Vitality Omega 3 for Dogs

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OptiPup Supplement for Puppies

OptiPup Supplement for Puppies

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Itchy Paw Pack

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Paw Relief

Paw Relief

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Joint Lubrication Bundle

Joint Lubrication Bundle

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Complete Canine Maintenance Pack

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Free Range Joint Supplement For Dogs

Free Range Joint Supplement For Dogs

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Alpha Dog Stack

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Workhorse Bundle

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Free Range - Single Bottle

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Alleviate Your Dog's Itchy Skin With Alpha Dog Nutrition Supplements

One of the most frustrating ailments for dogs as a dog owner is almost certainly dry, itchy skin. Your dog constantly itches itself, which not only makes plenty of noise but it also gets additional dander, dog hair, & dandruff everywhere. If your dog has itchy skin & a dry coat, it is very likely that you've unsuccessfully tried just about every dog food & coconut oil shampoo out there that claims to help their skin & coat. That is largely due to the fact that these are short-term treatment options, and as soon as the effect wears off your pet is right back to having hot spots & itchy skin.

What Are The Symptoms Of Dry, Itchy Skin In Dogs

While the obvious answer to this is "they itch", there are actually a few other symptoms that we are trying to treat with dog supplements for itchy skin as well. There can be red, irritated hot spots on your dog's skin & coat that can be uncomfortable and even painful for them. This can even appear to be a flea issue, mange or other immune issues in some cases, because your dog will bite & itch or scratch at the dog skin so frequently that it will start to damage their coat.

Causes of Dry, Itchy Skin In Dogs

One of the primary causes of dry skin that causes your dog to itch is allergies. Allergies essentially result in your dog's skin & coat becoming inflamed, which in turn causes it to dry out & become itchy. These allergies are commonly the result of either environmental factors or factors relating to dog food. Oftentimes when it comes to dog food they are allergic to some of the main ingredients. For example, Alpha Dog Nutrition owner Joe Scott's English Setter (Trigger) experiences dog food allergies with dog food containing chicken or poultry as the primary protein source. Through trial and error along with dog supplements for itchy skin, he found that the best combination for his pet was a lamb-based protein dog food along with getting Vitality & Free Range daily.
Much like humans, dogs can also certainly experience seasonal allergies as well. How this displays in your particular dog will vary, but oftentimes dogs experience seasonal allergies during the spring & fall, much like we do. Dry conditions in the winter can also have you seeking anti itch for dogs. Much like in humans, seasonal allergies are going to vary quite a bit from dog to dog. It will be up to you as a dog owner as well as your veterinarian to work to monitor & test different treatment options to find the best solution for your dog.

Dog Supplements For Itchy Skin

Like we mentioned above, Alpha Dog Nutrition's owner had a dog that suffered from dry, itchy skin. He decided to try to find the best dog supplements for itchy skin, and incorporate it into Alpha Dog Nutrition's lineup. The end result is Vitality Omega 3 Fatty Acids for dogs that itch. This omega 3 supplement is a natural krill oil based supplement, which has been shown to be considerably easier to digest than normal fish oil. That means that instead of your dog only getting the nutritional value out of a fraction of fish oil that they eat, they absorb all of the vitamins & nutrients from natural, sustainable krill oil. Vitality is a skin & coat supplement that has been shown to be far more effective than salmon oil to provide itch relief & prevent itchy hot spots over time.

Made Right Here In The United States

Aside from our product quality & the results that it gets for our customers, one of the things that we here at Alpha Dog Nutrition are most proud of is that we manufacture all of our products here in the United States. Our customers absolutely love that about us, and it shows in our product quality for sure. Each ingredient is stringently tested along with the final dog supplements for itchy skin, meaning you can rest assured that you have the highest quality products available. Simply put, we created Alpha Dog Nutrition to help all the dogs out there have the longest careers possible, not to have an impressive bank account. That means our primary focus is on your dog's results, not solely our margins like other fish oil & omega 3 fatty acid pet brands out there.

Customer Service That You'll Be Happy To Chat With

If you have any questions or concerns about our Vitality krill oil (fish oil substitutes) dog supplements for itchy skin, we are always here to help! Being a small, family-owned business based out of little ol' Forest Junction, Wisconsin (population 616), we legitimately enjoy talking to our customers about their pet & family member. Whether that means answering questions about our products, talking about concerns around different areas of your dog's health, or simply talking about how the hunting has been this year, we love to hear what you're up to.
The only thing you won't ever hear from us is trash talking other brands, because it's simply not our style. Other companies work hard & they have hard working people that depend on them to feed their families, and we would never want to take away from that. We do feel like we do a tremendous job with our products though, and we prefer to let the results speak for themselves!
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