Jax & His Cruciate Ligament Injury
Just wanted to take a min to give you guys & your products some high fives. My dude Jax suffered a cruciate ligament injury in his left hind knee before he turned one. I took him to a specialist in the area and he crushed me with the report he gave me....I gave him crate rest everyday for the next month & a half and ordered your product and slowly helped him restrengthen his leg. He was able to hunt quite a bit of duck season & has become stronger & faster than he was before the injury. Next weekend we will finish up the seasoned title. So thank you for the great product & you have a life long customer in my dog Jax!

Andrew Kanik & his Lab Jax


Free Range

Rockstar Lab
My 2 year old black lab is our rockstar. He's a beast in the field and such a good boy in our home. We got him Free Range to keep him sharp, strong and preforming as the athlete we expect him to be... only 9 days away from early goose season in Wisconsin- we cant wait! bonus- Odin dives into his food when he smells Free Range! I wasn't sure how he would react to it but he loves it!

Jolene K.


Free Range

Customer For Life!
I've only been using this product for a week but it seems to do the trick. My 5-1/2 yr old Lab(Jake) was showing some signs of sore hips/arthritis after a hunt and I decided to give this a try. After a few recent hunts where he put in a solid days work, I gave this to him at feeding time and ZERO signs of hip issues or soreness. In fact he seemed to have been energized and ready for the next day immediately after consuming his meal. So YES I'll be buying this product for the rest of his life and for my future dogs. GUARANTEED!. Thanks Alpha Dog!

Chris R.

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