Balance Probiotic For Dogs

171 reviews
$34.97 $24.97

Balance Probiotic For Dogs

171 reviews
$34.97 $24.97
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It all starts with a healthy digestive system.

Your dog's digestive system contains billions of live bacteria organisms (good bacteria) to help aid in digesting food.

In order for your dog to be at peak performance (or even just to feel good) these organisms need to be healthy & doing their job.

But when things get out of balance, these bacteria can be destroyed - causing stomach issues & a decline in health.

This is where probiotics come into play. Probiotics are a daily supplement given to your dog to help keep the numbers of healthy organisms in check.

And Alpha Dog Nutrition's newest product "Balance" is the best probiotic on the market today. 

Where many probiotics contain 1-2 billion organisms which is barely enough to make a difference, Balance makes a big impact.

We're talking 6 billion live organisms from 8 of the best strains of healthy bacteria.

It's taken months to develop between our nutritionists & our manufacturing team, and it's available NOW!

Have questions about probiotics for dogs? We want to answer them!

At Alpha Dog Nutrition we try to do our best to inform everyone as much as possible about our products, but we're also fully aware that we may not answer them all.

So while we're still absolutely getting back to people one-by-one with answers to their questions, I thought we could maybe make things a little more convenient & post some of the most frequent ones here.

So here we go:

1. Is a probiotic meant only for older dogs?

Absolutely not! Probiotics can help dogs of all ages, including pups. Please note that if you plan on giving a puppy Balance, you should decrease the dosage to only about 1/4 of a scoop. After 9 months your dog can transition to a full scoop.

2. Are probiotics only meant for constipated dogs?

Great question! Probiotics are used to treat dogs with all sorts of digestion issues. While this certainly includes constipated dogs, it also includes dogs with diarrhea, bad gas, and more. 

3. How often would I give this to my dog?

As with any probiotic, you would want to give Balance to your dog once daily.

4. Do I only give my dog Balance when they're showing digestive issues?

This is probably one of the most common mistakes we see with owners giving their dogs nutritional products of any kind. The biggest key to success with nutritional products like Balance is consistency. 

While it certainly makes sense to most people to only treat the issue when they notice it, in reality the idea behind nutritional supplementation is to help mitigate the problem & then help keep it from happening again. You would want to continue use, even when you don't notice any issues.

5. How is Balance any different than any other probiotic on the market?

I love this question, because it lets me brag about our nutritionist a bit even though she is about as humble as they come! I'll break this into 5 parts:

1. One of the biggest advantages to choosing Alpha Dog Nutrition's products is because we strip away all the harmful additives and fillers that other companies use to make you feel like you're "getting more". Take a look at any of our product facts, and you'll notice they contain hardly any inactive ingredients.

2. Balance contains the 8 most effective strains of healthy microorganisms. That's considerably more than any other competitor.

3. Balance contains 6 billion microorganisms. The closest competitor we could find only had 2 billion. 

4. Balance has been formulated specifically for your dog - your active hunting dog. Take a look at any other brand out there & I can practically guarantee you that their products are meant for everything from a Chihuahua, to a house cat, to your dog. That just doesn't seem right, does it?

5. With Balance you're supporting a company in Alpha Dog Nutrition that genuinely wants to help our hunting dogs. This isn't some gimmick to make myself rich, this is literally me trying to keep my dog Trigger healthy for as long as possible. So when you support Alpha Dog Nutrition by purchasing Balance, you're supporting a company that is truly trying to make a difference. 

balance probiotic for dogs

Alpha Dog Nutrition products are shipped within 48 hours and delivered within about 4-7 days.

If you aren't completely satisfied with your product, return the container within 60 days of purchasing for a full refund, even if the containers are empty!

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Richard W.
United States United States
Great Probiotic

My 13 month old lab seems to be doing well on Balance. His stool is a lot more firm and has "normalized" after about 2 weeks of use.

Richard Westerlind verified customer review of Balance Probiotic For Dogs
Brett S.
United States United States
Balance Pro Biotic

Started using this product for my 6 year old, 11 month old, and 11 week old dogs recently. Noticed better stools shortly after use. Very pleased with it so far for all theee dogs.

Brett Swantek verified customer review of Balance Probiotic For Dogs
Jacob B.
United States United States
Healthy Gut Happy Pup

My pup was having some difficulties getting his stomach dialed in having loose stool for quite some time. After trying various things like switching food, cutting out food,etc. Balance seems to be the ticket!

Jacob Birrenkott verified customer review of Balance Probiotic For Dogs
Stephen S.
United States United States
Restores balance

I think balance works great. My GSP now has firm healthy looking stools. And is much more regular than before taking the supplement. He has been on balance for just under a year.

Ryan H.
United States United States

So far so good. My crazy Chessie has less gas and my wife is happy about it. I also use resurgence after long training days. I will be buying more of their products.

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