How To Ease Your Dog's Arthritis Pain Around the House


Want to provide arthritis pain relief to your favorite pup? Here are some super easy things you can do around your house to help reduce arthritis pain and improve quality of life.

If you ever walk into my house you’ll instantly notice signs of my English Setter, Trigger. The telling canine signs are everywhere - dog beds pushed into corners and chew toys scattered across the floor.

I already know that the older Trigger grows, the more noticeable his presence will become thanks to all of the home remedies for dogs with arthritis I plan to implement. As my hunting partner and best friend, Trigger is guaranteed every last possible thing on this list once his canine arthritis advances into its later stages. As much I try to hold back the clock it continues ticking, and so we proceed forward with a plan in place.

Knowing me, by the time Trigger is an old man I’ll have ramps and cushioned dog beds all over my house, the heater will be cranked up to help his sensitive joints and my cabinets overflowing with dog arthritis supplements. I’ll stop at nothing to provide my dog arthritis pain relief. After all, Trigger stops at nothing to remain my loyal companion and the best hunting partner a guy could ever ask for.   

Trigger is still in the earliest stages of arthritis with many great years ahead, but I’ve already made changes around my house to accommodate him. It’s just too easy to add these home adjustments for dogs with arthritis. In return your dog’s life becomes easier and less painful, regardless if they have mild or severe canine arthritis.

#1. Reduce Your Dog’s Need To Go Up & Down Stairs

You may notice your dog avoiding the stairs or taking them with extreme caution. It’s not uncommon for arthritis in dogs to cause difficulty navigating up and down stairs. Stairs are particularly troubling if they are wood or some other slippery surface.  

You can reduce your dog’s arthritis pain by eliminating the need to go up or down stairs on a regular basis. Keep all of your pup’s food, water, toys, and doggy bed on one level of your house. And when/if your dog uses the stairs provide some type of extra grip to reduce the risk of falling or slipping.

#2. Add Doggy Ramps Around Your House 

Help your dog get up in bed, sit on the couch or reach any other areas they love hanging out by adding dog-friendly ramps as needed around your house. You can find ramps at most pet supply stores, or get crafty and create your own using some wood, nails and grippy fabric to cover the ramp. Ramps help your dog continue living life as normally as possible without creating undue strain and stress on joints from jumping on and off furniture.

#3. Add Area Rugs To Slippery Floors 

You yell, “Treats!” and here comes your dog running into the kitchen only to slip on the tile floors and go slingshotting across the room. It might be tempting to laugh at their adorable clumsy slip-up, but if your dog has any form of inflammation or arthritis, sliding around on slick floors can cause a lot of pain and discomfort. Some dogs even become timid about walking on slick surfaces after one too many slip-ups.

Area rugs are cheap and easy to move around as needed and they enhance your pup’s foot traction and boost confidence. Add area rugs to slippery surfaces your dog regularly frequents or has a tendency to trip up on. This helps your dog get around without as much discomfort or risk for injury.

#4. Add Soft Cushioned Dog Beds Around Your House

Another home remedy for dogs with arthritis is to give them a comfy place to nap and sleep at night. Sleeping on the ground makes your dog colder, which is bad for arthritis. It also puts your dog on a hard and unsupportive surface, which is also bad for arthritis. A well-cushioned bed is ideal for supporting joints and encouraging warmth. 

#5. Add A Doggy Pool To Your Yard

Non-weight bearing exercise is great for dogs with arthritis and swimming is one of the best and readily available forms. Regardless of age or extent of your dog’s arthritis, maintaining mobility is so important. Swimming is a pain-free way for your dog to strengthen muscles, which protects joints in the long run. 

If you have a pool you can let your dog go for a swim a few times per week. If you don’t have a pool, or prefer to keep your pool dog-free, invest in a plastic kiddie pool that is large enough for your dog to swim around.  

#6. Keep Your Home Warm For Your Dog  

Heat can provide dog arthritis pain relief, while cold makes arthritis pain worse. If your house is a virtual ice chest, your dog’s arthritis pain is going to be worse than if your home is warm and toasty.  So put on the fireplace, kick up the heater and invest in some dog sweaters to help keep your dog nice and warm all winter. 

If possible try taking your dog for walks when it’s not as cold outside, for instance avoid walking early in the morning or late at night. If you must walk in the cold, cozy your pup up in a sweater and maybe even some pawesome booties. 

#7. Upgrade Your Kitchen Cabinets By Adding Joint Supplements For Arthritis In Dogs 

Weight control is essential to reducing dog arthritis pain as well as the progression of arthritis, but serving out appropriate portions is only part of the equation. Many popular dog foods are loaded with lackluster ingredients that may give your dog sufficient calories without providing all of the nutrients they need for healthy joints.  

Certain natural ingredients, such as glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate, help reduce inflammation, rebuild cartilage and promote healthy joints, all while slowing down the progression of arthritis. We made sure to pack both of these powerful ingredients in Alpha Dog Nutrition supplements. I wouldn’t let my dog Trigger eat just anything, and that’s why I developed a line of healthy, human-grade supplements, made in the USA and specially formulated for hunting dogs.   

Learn more about the benefits of joint supplements for arthritis in dogs:




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