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Unlike humans, dogs often find themselves trying to scratch and lick their way out of a flea problem. One way to help the problem is to invest in one of the best flea collars for dogs. Fleas are definitely not something that should be ignored and instead should be addressed as soon as possible.

As with pretty much everything else in this world we live in, you want the best flea collar, and we’re here to help you out with that. In this article, we will guide you to finding the best flea collar for your dog and provide as much information as we can so you can be satisfied with the collar you get.

Best Flea Collars for Dogs: Buying Guide & Factors to Consider

Finding the best flea collar for your dog is probably easier than you think it is. The features are easy to understand and once you grasp the full scope of what a flea collar should do, you’ll be good to go.

Before we get to the end of this article, you should have a better understanding of what’s important in a dog flea collar and you should be able to pick one afterwards. Some of you might not even need the whole article to pick one out, while others will read to the last word.

What are the Best Flea Collars for Dogs?

Some of the most important things to know are what features are a part of dog flea collars and which ones are the most important. Like anything else, knowing these things will lead you straight to the best product for you and your dog. Before you begin searching for the best dog flea collars, let’s discuss some things for you to consider.

Is the Collar Safe?

This is probably one of the most common questions when it comes to products, but sometimes this question is more important than other times. This is one of those times. After all, it is possible for your dog to have a reaction to the ingredients that kill the fleas.

The safety of a collar can be checked by the product description and by feedback from others. This shouldn’t be a problem you should worry about running into too much, but things happen and not all dogs are the same.

Will It Last?

Some flea collars last longer than others when it comes to repelling and killing the fleas. Specifically, the effectiveness of the ingredients is what differs between some flea collars.

How long the flea collar lasts links to the amount of money you’ll be spending on a flea collar or collars for your furry friend. You should want to compare the amount of time collars last and the prices of multiple collars to determine the best value for you.

It is important to know that this is only one piece of the puzzle as far as getting a collar, though. This piece along with all the other pieces should be considered together.

Repel & Kill

This might be something that can be easily missed. Some collars kill the fleas, but don’t repel them. Some collars repel and kill fleas. It would probably be best to get a flea collar that does both, but maybe some of you don’t need the repellent feature and that’s okay since you have the option to not have it.

This could also save you money since the collars that don’t have both features would possibly cost less, but definitely be on the lookout for collars that are the same price to see if one has more features than the other.


You will see similar features when you’re looking at different collars, but that doesn’t mean every collar has exactly the same stuff. One feature could be the deciding factor for you getting one collar over another, so be sure to watch out for that.

Another thing to look out for is when you see a collar that has what you and your dog needs but become torn because there’s another collar with more features. If you don’t need the additional features, you could save yourself some money just getting what you need.

Money Back Guarantee

This is definitely the type of product where you want to look at for the option to get your money back. You don’t want to be stuck with a collar that doesn’t work and take a loss. Not everything or every collar needs a money back guarantee, but it’s a great thing to have.

In the Box

You should also look at what you’d be getting with the collar. Some collars may come with a little something extra and some collars may come in a 2 pack so you can save money.

Best Flea Collar for Dogs: 5 of Our Favorite Options

  • Bayer Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Dogs
  • Best Flea Collar for Dogs


    This is one of the best flea collars for those of you who want one of the most purchased and reviewed collars. Plus, one that actually has great features. This is a high-quality collar that has a release mechanism that allows your dog’s own strength to widen the collar for quick release.


    The price of this collar is quite high compared to the competition, but the price is far from the only thing that should be considered. You would be missing out on a great collar if you looked at the price and disregarded all the features.

    Another important thing to note is that if you spend less money on a flea collar for dogs that isn’t that good, you might end up spending more money on a replacement collar, or from things that happen because of you not having a good collar.

    Quality collars are worth the money and can save you a lot of trouble in the short and long run.


    As the active ingredients in this collar wear off over time, it continuously replenishes the skin and coat with a new supply. Both fleas and ticks are killed through contact, no biting is required.

    The ingredients stored in this collar are released and distributed to your dog from head to tail for 8 months. These ingredients repel and kill fleas and ticks. Fleas are killed quickly within 24 hours of initial application. Re-infesting fleas are killed within 2 hours. Tick infestations are prevented within 48 hours after application. It also kills & repels re-infesting ticks in as little as 6 hours.

    8 months is the runtime for effectiveness under normal circumstances. To maintain this time, you should not bathe your dog more than once per month. For dogs that swim once or more a month, the time is reduced to 5 months for flea control; furthermore, it is reduced to 7 months for tick control.


    This collar remains effective after a shampoo treatment, as well as after swimming, or after exposure to rain or sunlight. This collar is water-resistant, non-greasy and odorless. The easy-to-apply collar can be worn with a standard leash collar.

    What You Get

    The Seresto flea collar offers one size for small dogs, one for large dogs, and there’s also another version available for cats. Specifically, there’s 1 collar for dogs under 18 pounds and another for dogs over 18 pounds. Lastly, 3 reflectors come with the collar so your dog can be seen at night.


    This is one of the best dog flea collars for those of you who want a high-quality collar with many features. As well as one that has been tried and reviewed by a lot of people. There are other options out there that suit some people better than others, but this is one of the best flea collars to consider for your dog.


  • Lovatic Flea and Tick Collar

  • Best Flea Collar
  • Intro

    This is one of the best flea collars for dogs that is effective and reasonably priced. This one may make it to a lot of people’s top spot so let’s see exactly why.


    We mentioned earlier that the price of a collar is not the only thing you should consider, but certain prices catch your eyes more than others and we understand that. The important thing is to make sure you get a quality collar, which is what we are here for.


    This collar offers long-lasting protection against fleas and ticks for up to 8 months in ideal conditions. To get the most of this flea collar, you should bathe your dog with flea shampoo, then try to kill the fleas and ticks as much as you can before applying the collar. Also, you should frequently clean the dog's cage and keep them in a dry place.


    This collar is totally harmless to your dog and there should be no side effects from using it. Also, it is adjustable and water resistant. The Lovatic Flea Collar is 25 inches long and can be adjusted, as needed. The collar shouldn’t be in water too much, but some level of water resistance allows your dog to bathe and play while wearing it.

    What You Get

    You get 1 adjustable flea collar that is suitable for most dogs. Plus, it has been purchased and reviewed by a good number of people.


    This is one of the best flea collars for dogs. This is an all-around good collar that could be great for you and your dog. It’s deserving of a high rating on your list, after all, we put it on our list.


    Arava Flea & Tick Prevention Collar



    One of the first things you’ll notice with this collar is the amount of information provided on the product page. That’s usually a great sign. This collar is kind of in the middle when it comes to price. Let’s find out why that is and why this is another one of the best flea collars for your dog.


    The price is in the middle, but a little to the left (of the number scale) … kind of like the human heart if you didn’t know. It’s definitely a fair price and it’s nothing to complain about even though there’s other collars that are in a lower price group than this one, but let’s begin the investigation.


    Arava claims their collar is the first collar using the patented micro-injection technology. Their collar helps protect your furry friend from fleas and ticks thanks to its active botanical ingredients. These ingredients, along with the slow release process, extend the life of this collar for up to 5 months.


    Arava makes it very clear that their collars are the complete opposite of cheaply made and low-quality collars. It is a safe collar with no harsh chemicals or hazardous ingredients. There are no hazardous chemical pesticides and the collar is MSDS tested & FDA certified.

    It’s waterproof, adjustable, safe for your kids to handle, and packs a natural scent to help get rid of those fleas and ticks. They say if the scent is overpowering at first, you can leave the collar out for 24-48 hours before using it on your dog.

    In addition to all of that, the collar also comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee if you’re not 100% thrilled.

    Arava also donates a portion of their profits to charities that help the rights, welfare, and habitats of animals.

    What You Get

    You get a high quality, green collar that has a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee for your dog that has all these great features for more than a fair price.


    This is definitely one of the best options for your dog. It has a great price and you get to try it risk free. It also has a great number of reviews and has managed to maintain a great rating.


    TORRIX Dog Collar



    Last, but not least, we have the Torrix Dog Collar. This is another quality collar that catches a lot of eyes in a good way when it comes to the price. It’s actually on sale at the time of writing this, but the regular price is fair too. Without further ado, let’s talk about this last collar on our list of the best flea collars for dogs.


    This collar is in the friendly price range, similar to a few others on this list. It has all the necessities and more for you and your dog. If you think you have a collar in mind already, you might want to think twice because of this one. Well, we’ll rephrase that since that might make the decisions harder for you.

    This is a good collar that should be considered amongst the others and it will satisfy you and your dog if you decide to get it. That’s a better way to put it. Now, let’s talk about the effectiveness.


    Under normal conditions, this collar can last for up to 8 months. You should start to see a pattern now if you haven’t already noticed it. 8 months seems to be the most common length that these collars stay effective. Yet, as you can see with the last collar, that’s not all there is to these collars.


    This collar is 25 inches long, so it fits dogs of all sizes and ages. It is also safe and eco-friendly, not at all harmful to your dog’s health and there are no toxic chemicals that cause allergies. Lastly, the collar is waterproof and comes with a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee if it does not meet your expectations.

    What You Get

    You get the Torrix flea collar with everything mentioned above and a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.


    This is another great collar for you and your dog that would satisfy the both of you for a great price. It has what’s needed and is a quality collar.


    Recap & Additional Information

    Now that we’re done with the list, let’s talk about some other things. First up is effectiveness. All or most of the collars you see on this list or somewhere else will state that they have some duration of effectiveness, which is normal. The thing about that, though, is not everybody’s product does exactly what it says it’s going to do. Some do less, some do exactly what is stated, and some do more.

    This is what reviews are great for. You can go and look at someone who has had their collar for months or for its full lifetime and see what they have to say about the collar. Some people might say it lasted 6 months if it was supposed to last 8 months. Others will say it lasted 8-9 months.

    Another thing that was already mentioned is making sure the collar is safe. There have been cases where dogs have had a bad reaction to a flea collar, but in a sense, it can’t be helped to an extent. Not every dog is the same.

    You also need to check to see if the collar is not only safe for your dog, but if it’s safe for you and your kids. It wouldn’t quite be the total package of a collar if it were not safe for everyone.

    It’s also important to check the effectiveness of collars in conditions other than normal. The effectiveness does go down if you bathe your dog often or if the collar is in water or moist weather too much. Therefore, 8 months might get cut in half under certain circumstances.

    Maintenance and lifestyle directly affects how good these collars will work and possibly how much money you’ll be spending on them.

    One feature we would like to emphasize is the adjustability of the collars. This should not be a problem, but there is a small chance that it could be, so we thought it would be good to mention. Always make sure the collar is adjustable before buying it.

    Another thing that is often overlooked is the quality of the collar itself. That’s very important and is probably the most important thing when it comes to the collar lasting a long time. Also, it’s important when comfort is considered. Your dog shouldn’t be uncomfortable while wearing his or her flea collar.

    In addition, there are things you can do besides using a flea collar. Some of these things are mentioned with the collars on their product pages, but we’ll briefly discuss this here as well.

    Don’t stop what you’ve been doing just because you get the best flea collar for dogs. The best thing you can do is still bathe your dog once a month, at the very least. Although, with a flea collar, you don’t have to bathe your dog as frequently because the collar will do some of the work for you.

    You can still apply shampoo to your dog if you weren’t already doing that and some of these brands have their own shampoo that you can pair with their collar for maximum protection.

    In addition, make sure your house, garden, backyard, car, and other areas where your dog goes are treated for fleas. That way, the flea problem won’t come right back when your dog revisits those areas.


    By this point, you should have a lot of, if not all of the information you need to find the best flea collar for dogs. The collars listed here are all great quality. But, don’t just take our word for it! You can find lots of authentic online reviews for all of the collars mentioned above. We hope you are satisfied with whatever collar you choose from our list, or somewhere else. Even more so, we hope you get rid of the fleas!

    At last, it’s time to give your dog a treat and tell him or her that they’re getting a brand-new collar to get rid of those nasty fleas and ticks. Those fleas and ticks should pick on someone their own size, but nope, our doggos are the chosen ones and we just have to fight back.

    There isn’t much left to say, therefore let’s go ahead and call it a day. We really hope you found this ultimate guide for finding the best flea collar for your dog, useful. Share it with your friends, family, strangers, other dogs, and whoever else you can think of. Thank you for reading and we appreciate your time.

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