Best Dog Training Collar | Ultimate Guide To Finding The Best Dog Training Collars

The best dog training collar can help you train your dog with greater success. If you’ve owned a dog before you know that they take a lot of work, they’re worth it, but if you want to give them the best life possible then it’s best to think about training. Training at home is often times a better alternative than going to your local pet store, if not for the cost than for other reasons.

Many dogs can become distracted by sights, smells, and other dogs. This can result in unnecessary stress and could indirectly encourage bad behavior because of anxiety. If you want to train your pooch, then a calmer environment could be beneficial towards your goals.

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A one on one touch is thought to be one of the best approaches to dog training, it gives the animal only one thing to focus on without the needless distractions of other people or animals.

If you’re looking into training there are some things that you should consider, including what you are hoping to get as a result of training. Is it to prevent bad behavior like excessive barking? Or are you training your dog for a purpose like hunting. General obedience training can make a big difference in the life of your pet. No matter the reason, dog training collars can be a good way to reinforce behavior and set safe restrictions upon your pet.

How to Find the Best Dog Training Collar for Your Canine

Every animal is different, that goes without saying, still, certain breeds have a reputation for certain behaviors. Some dogs like Australian shepherds are herding dogs by nature, they have an instinct to herd other animals, which is all fine and dandy so long as that’s what you want them to do. Training a high energy dog like an Australian shepherd means that you’ll have to think about what kind of obedience training will be right for your individual needs. Likewise, if you’re a fan of hunting, certain hunting dog breeds like labs offer great companionship, but if you want them to know when to retrieve or when to heel then it’s time to do some field training.

To find the best dog training collar for your canine, take the follow key factors into consideration:

  1. What kind of dog do you own?
  2. Is it young or old?
  3. Has it had any prior training?
  4. What is this training for?

No matter why you have a pet, be it working or not, you have to take into consideration its temperament and what behaviors you are willing to allow and which ones you want to curb. One of the easiest and most effective types of training tools is a dog collar. Not only will it allow you to set safe limits and boundaries, but it will also help you regain control when and if the pet does lose control either by instigating poor behavior or by running off when you don’t want them to.

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If you want your pooch to behave when you tell it to stop a bad behavior, then you need to ask yourself what behavior is needing correcting and why? Some of the biggest issues for pet owners can be addressed with a dog training device like a collar, but it’s important to recognize what is causing the bad behavior.

Although there is some stigma surrounding the use of dog training collars, it is important to know that when used correctly they are a good tool to help the overall obedience of your dog. This obedience could end up saving your dog’s life. Untrained dogs have a higher likelihood of being hurt than those who are trained to respond to their owner. If you have doubts about using a dog collar, please seek out a professional dog trainer who can help you navigate training. They can help walk you through the proper use of this important dog training device.

9 of the Best Dog Training Collars

When considering purchasing the best dog collar for your training needs, it’s important to shop around. Find the right dog collar for you and take into consideration what kind of training you’ll be doing. Is it obedience or for a working dog? Regardless of what type you’re planning on using a dog training collar for, the products listed below have you covered.

1. Dogtra 1800S ¾ mile Range 1 Dog Training collar system

Best Dog Training Collar

    If you’ve been looking for a great dog training collar to help correct behavior or to help in the training of your animal, then this collar has some great qualities that many collars on the market are lacking. With the slim receiver, this collar can be used for dogs as small as 35 pounds. It is fully waterproof, both the transmitter and receiver, so the device won’t fail.

    Made of polyester and nylon, this collar gives you control over what stimulation you want to provide to your pet all while being comfortable. With a range of 127 different stimulation levels you can make sure you have the right stimulation for what type of training you’re doing. This collar breaks away from the ‘one size fits all’ by giving you the increased number of stimulation levels.


    • Waterproof
    • Stimulation levels 0-127
    • 2 hr. rapid charge batteries
    • Up to ¾ of a mile coverage
    • Handheld transmitter with display


      2. Garmin Pro 550 Dog training system

      Best Dog Training Collars

        One of the key aspects of this best dog training collar, the Garmin pro 550, is its versatility. With other collars you may have to invest in a single device (collar and transmitter) for every dog you might own, but this training system allows you to train multiple dogs (up to three with only the additional cost of collars for each dog).

        This best dog training collar gives you the versatility to train multiple dogs at the same time and the convenience of having only one transmitter to carry around. Each additional collar can be paired with a color on the handheld device allowing you to select which dog you’re actively training. Its built-in bark limiter can curb unwanted barking. You have the choice of 21 stimulation levels either continuous or momentary along with tone or vibration for quick corrections.


        • Choice of tone, vibration, stimulation
        • Stimulation levels 0-21
        • Continuous or momentary stimulation control
        • 1-mile coverage
        • Train multiple dogs
        • Water resistant


        3. Garmin Delta XC bundle dog training device

        Dog Training Collar

          With a long-lasting battery life for both the collar and the handheld controller, this best dog training collar is a cut above the rest. The handheld has a battery life of 80 hours per charge while the collar itself provides 60 hours per charge. The choice of tone, vibration or manual stimulation allows for a variety of ways to train. It comes with 18 correction levels for both manual and continuous stimulation, three training configurations, and a coverage of half a mile.

          You can use this collar to train up to three dogs. (additional dog device required). It comes with a three-button handheld controller, as well as an LED screen display that shows current stimulation level and battery life. This is easily one of the best dog training collars.


          • Long lasting battery life
          • 18 correction levels
          • Continuous and manual correction
          • 3 training configurations
          • Train up to three dogs at once
          • Half-mile coverage area


          4. SportDOG brand 425 family remote trainers

          Dog Training Collars

            Recognized as one of the best brands of electric training devices, SportDog has earned that title after extensive testing of their devices. This dog training collar was designed specifically for the hunting of waterfowl. The small size of the transmitter and receiver mean that it’s designed for smaller close working dogs.

            It comes in a Realtree Max-5 Camo that makes it stand out while still blending in. Ideal for training, field or at home, it offers 500 yards of coverage and is one of the best dog collars for those who enjoy hunting. With the choice of stimulation, vibration, or tone, you can decide what correction is right for you.

            Plus, it is waterproof with the ability to be submerged up to 25ft. It charges in just two hours with long-lasting batteries, lasting 50 to 70 hours per charge. This training device won’t let you down, it comes with a detailed operating guide and training DVD, plus locally based customer care if you should need it.


            • 500-yard range
            • 7 levels of stimulation
            • An option of stimulation, tone or vibration
            • Waterproof and submersible up to 25ft
            • Rechargeable long-lasting battery
            • Training DVD


            5. Garmin Sport PRO bundle dog training device

            top Dog Training Collar

              From the reputable Garmin brand comes a dog training device that is both intuitive as it is efficient. Only the best dog training collar comes with intuitive controls and with its quick turn dial, Garmin Sports PRO fits that category. The dial means you can quickly and effortlessly change the setting of stimulation from any of its ten levels. A positive-click tells you when it changes to a different level of stimulation giving you the peace of mind on the level of stimulation.

              One of its best features is that it can operate in one hand and comes with 4 buttons which allow you to select what kind of stimulation you would like, as well as tone and vibration in either continuous or momentary. It features a built-in bark limiter, has a range of up to ¾ mile, and the ability to train up to three dogs at once, which means this rugged device is ready for whatever type of training you might need it for even if it includes water. The handheld is just as waterproof as the collar and can actually float if it makes an impromptu dive into the water. It comes with two different lengths of contact points to choose from.


              • ¾ mile range
              • Quick dial controls
              • 4 button stimulation selection
              • 10 stimulation levels
              • Train up to three dogs at one time
              • Long-lasting replaceable battery
              • Includes two lengths of removable contact points
              • Bark Limiter
              • Waterproof


              6. DT Systems IDT PLUS

              top Dog Training Collars

                Designed with hunters in mind, this dog training collar has the backing of a brand with over 30 years of experience in the industry. It is one of the best dog training collars for those who wish to have the very best experience for themselves and their animals. Great for obedience training this can be used in the field or at home with its hardy but compact design.

                The collar is versatile and can fit a variety of dogs, from large to small. The collar is waterproof and fully adjustable with ½ inch increments allowing you to get just the right fit for your canine companion. The IDT Plus has a half-mile range, with a transmitter that has 360 technology to give you the best reception possible while still having control over 16 different levels of static stimulation. The weatherproof handheld control comes with its own lanyard for easy transportation in and out of the field.


                • A fully adjustable collar that fits small to large dogs
                • Waterproof collar
                • ½ mile range
                • 360 range reception
                • 16 stimulation levels
                • Weatherproof handheld with lanyard


                7. DT Systems R.A.P.T

                top rated Dog Training Collar

                  Another great device from the D.T. Systems line of dog training devices is the R.A.P.T system. The handheld comes with a strap allowing you to keep the handhold close while freeing up your hands. Its solid design means the handheld comes with a red alert button for quick correction and has the ability to train up to three animals all with one handheld (additional collars required). Like many in this long line of respectable training devices, the collar and handheld are waterproof, and the handheld will float making it easier to retrieve.

                  The training device has ¾ mile range with 360-degree technology allowing for optimum reception of the signal. It comes with 16 levels of stimulation and a jump button for a quick signal of vibration to grab your pet's attention.


                  • ¾ mile range
                  • 360-degree technology reception
                  • Waterproof collar
                  • Waterproof handheld
                  • Handheld floats in water
                  • Strap for handheld freeing up hands
                  • 16 levels of stimulation
                  • Jump button with vibration


                  8. Dogtra iQ plus remote trainer

                  top rated Dog Training Collars

                    Priding itself on its compact design, this best dog training collar might fool you at first but it has the ability to give big results. Unlike other training devices that are made solely for large breed dogs, the Dogtra iQ can be used on animals as small as ten pounds. Made specifically for those who have dogs who might need minor behavior adjustments or obedience training this is one of the best dog training devices for pet owners.

                    The Dogtra iQ offers the power of a high-tech training tool in a compact size. It charges in two hours and since it’s waterproof you won’t be held back from training rain or shine. The collar and handheld have a range of 400 yards, on top of that the device can be expanded to train two dogs at once. There is a low and medium setting level and the choice of 100 stimulation levels. The easy to use dial offers precise control over the stimulation.


                    • Ability to be used on dogs as small as ten pounds
                    • Designed specifically for obedience training
                    • Expandable to two dogs
                    • 100 stimulation settings
                    • Precise controls
                    • Weatherproof handheld
                    • Waterproof collar
                    • 400-yard range
                    • Fast charging battery


                    9. SportDOG Brand yardtrainer

                    Best Dog Training Collar for lab

                      If you’re in need of a home training device take a look at SportDog’s yard trainer, this training tool is made for those who aren’t training with the mind of a working dog, but rather for simple home obedience. With its 100-yard range, this device is more than capable in giving you the space you need to train your pet either in your yard or in your home.

                      The handheld is water resistant and has 8 stimulation levels that can easily be selected with its control dial. If you need a quick correction the buttons will allow you to choose a stimulation level with ease, selecting a stimulation level is easy with just a press of a button. The option to choose between a tone warning with one button, a tone/stimulation combo with another and a solid stimulation allows you to choose what kind of correction is right for your dog.

                      It comes with a replaceable 3-volt battery which lasts up to 6 months in the transmitter and 1-2 weeks in the receiver. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the battery suddenly failing as there is an indicator light to tell you when it’s time to recharge those batteries. Just in case there is any confusion it comes with a detailed guide which includes some tips and tricks from a pro trainer to help get you started.


                      • At home use
                      • Long lasting battery
                      • Easy to use design
                      • 100-yard range
                      • Three correction settings
                      • Water-resistant handheld
                      • Waterproof collar
                      • 8 stimulation levels
                      • A detailed guide for first use


                      Getting to the Root of Bad Behavior

                      The best dog training collar can only help you so much. It’s important to get to the root of your dog’s behavioral issues (if any exist), and to train them in the proper way.

                      Behavioral issues

                      • Barking
                      • Howling
                      • Chewing
                      • Biting
                      • Marking
                      • Aggression

                      If you’re thinking about purchasing the best dog collar for your dog, you have to recognize what behavior it is you want to change or prevent. Keep in mind that your dog thinks his behavior is normal unless you let him know otherwise. Once you have a better idea of why your dog is acting out, you’ll have a better idea of what the best dog collar is for you and your pet’s needs.


                      There are many reasons why your pet might choose to announce their presence. It’s up to you to figure out why the pet might be choosing to articulate, sometimes loudly, what it wants. To our canine friends making noise is a part of pack structure, it’s normal and although loud at times it serves a purpose. Just because they live with us doesn’t mean that they lose those instincts to communicate to us in the same way. Many times, dogs bark because of perfectly rational reasons. Once you’ve figured out the cause of the barking you can learn how to correct the behavior.

                      Territorial barking

                      Just as its name suggests, territorial barking is the act of barking when a dog feels that his territory has been intruded upon. You might find yourself confused as to the boundaries of your dog's territory.  Especially if your dog suddenly starts barking at the park or a random street, but surprisingly dogs don’t always recognize the end of your driveway as the end of your property. A dog who frequents a particular part of town, like a park or trail, could become territorial of that area simply because they are familiar with it and have staked a claim in it. However, in most cases, territorial barking does revolve around your house, property, and in some cases even your car. Approaching people or other animals might have to deal with your territorial pooch unless you can get it under control.

                      Alarm barking

                      Some might confuse this with territorial barking, but it is different. The key difference between territorial barking and alarm barking is the thing that sparks the barking. Alarm barking can be sparked by any noise or sight regardless of what it is or where the animal might be, for instance, your pet might bark upon the sight of people on the sidewalk or at the sound of the microwave going off.

                      It’s not related to the territory of your home and a good way to notice the difference is in your pet’s posture. Dogs who are prone to alarm barking tend to have a stiff body language, they also have the tendency to lunge forward a few inches at a time with each bark. The biggest difference between alarm barking and territorial barking is the fact that it doesn’t have to take place solely at your home. Alarm barking can happen anywhere regardless of your pet’s attachment to that place. Dogs who ride in cars especially tend to use alarm barking to signal that they can see others. This form of communication is a way for the animal to show that it is aware of its surroundings and the people or pets around it. It should be controlled so as to not promote repeated behavior.

                      Attention barking

                      Unlike the two types of barking listed above, this cause of barking isn’t produced as a warning. Some pets use barking as a way to gain our attention, whether that is to fool us into petting them whenever they want it or to give them their favorite treat. Dogs can learn to associate that their barking earns them things and will often repeat the behavior when it earns them attention. Likewise, as we would perceive losing someone’s patience as a negative response to what we are doing, to our dogs any attention is good attention. So, raising your voice isn’t a way to stop any behavior that you wish to change, it will most likely just reinforce that behavior.

                      Greeting barking

                      Just as we say hello to people we meet on the street; our dogs have the means to do the same thing. If your dog has a relaxed body posture and is wagging its tail while barking to people or other animals than they are most likely happy to see the person or animal. The barking will be directed towards a specific subject, people or animal, and it is an indicator that your pet is eager to say hello. Dogs who engage in greeting barking may also whine rather than bark, this is the same behavior so long as the dog's posture reflects that it is excited and not aggressive. Although greeting barking might not be the type to need correction, simple obedience training could come in handy to end repetitive barking brought on by excitement.

                      Compulsive barking

                      This form of barking is normally associated with dogs who are triggered by noises, especially from other animals. Though it can be triggered by the sight of another person or animal, it’s a social behavior and is commonly seen in dogs who haven’t been properly socialized. This isn’t always the case, sometimes a dog will develop this behavior, one way to recognize compulsive barking is how the animal behaves. Compulsive barking goes on and on even if the trigger goes away. Many dogs will exercise their anxiety by running back and forth along a fence outside or by pacing back and forth inside the house. Much like a broken record, these dogs don’t stop barking and it can quickly become a nuisance to both you and your neighbors.

                      Socially triggered barking

                      Unlike compulsive barking, some dogs with socially triggered barking only bark excessively when triggered in a social context. Hearing other dogs, no matter the distance can set off your dog. This is most commonly seen in neighborhoods, but it can also be triggered while a dog is in a car or taking a walk. Anywhere a dog can hear another is likely to trigger an animal who engages in this behavior.

                      Frustration barking

                      Just like us, dogs can become frustrated, whether this is because they can’t reach their favorite toy or because they can’t go outside when they want to. This type of barking illustrates our animal’s ability to feel frustration. Some are easily rectified, but in some cases when you don’t know why your dog is frustrated prolonged barking can occur.

                      Ultimately, it doesn’t matter the cause, if the dog refuses to be quiet after you have requested it then more training might be needed to resolve the issue. No one likes being frustrated, but just like us, there is no room for our animals to throw temper tantrums. It’s a similar concept to when we’re frustrated by something.

                      How do you know which of these types of barking should be diagnosed? Go down this easy checklist and compare with the list above.

                      1. When is the barking occurring?
                      2. Where does the barking happen?
                      3. Is there a target to the barking?
                      4. What type of trigger is there? Object, animal, or person?
                      5. Why is your dog barking?

                      At the end of the day you have a tough choice to make, what is the best dog collar for you? Is it one of the best long-distance devices or is it a short-range obedience trainer? The products above give you a variety of informative choices to pick from and it’s important to do your homework. Not only are you going to be investing money into purchasing the best dog collar, but you have to invest in the training itself. Use the tips and tricks about dog behavior to find the likely cause of your pet’s reactions.

                      Keep in mind, different breeds have different behaviors and even reactions to corrections. What might work for one dog, might not work on others. Individually tailoring your training program to fit your dog will improve the results you get from your training regime. In time, all that hard work will pay off. Remember to ask yourself these questions before you purchase a training device.

                      What is the cause of your dog's behavior?

                      • Is it situational?
                      • Is it behavioral?

                      What are you training for?

                      • Obedience
                      • Task orientated job
                      • Behavioral correction

                      Where do you plan to train?

                      • At home
                      • In the field
                      • At a facility
                      • With a one on one trainer

                      What are your goals for training?

                      • Obedience
                      • Corrected behavior
                      • Working dog

                      If you’ve given it some thought and have figured out what your goals are for training your pet, then take another look at the listed products. There’s a good chance that one of those great dog training devices will be the best dog collar for you. Training your pet will take time and dedication, but with the right tool, it doesn’t have to be painful. Remember to reward your pet when they do things correctly. Use the training device as it is intended and the results from your pet will have you jumping for joy.

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