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Before you can buy the best dog shock collar, it’s important to understand how the shock collar is intended to function. A dog shock collar is a remote training collar that applies electric current to a dog's neck to give them a stimulation or shock signal. The dog owner can also fit the collar to other parts of a dog’s body based on preferences. They are wireless, powered by batteries, and commonly come with a transmitter that controls the collar. A dog training shock collar can be called an e-collar, zap collar, shock collar, or remote training collar.

Different kinds of remote-controlled collars are available, including collars with foul-smelling sprays or high-frequency noises. However, in this article, the focus is on e-collars that supply an electronic shock. The most common uses of shock collars for dogs are for containment, to keep the dogs within a specifically limited space, for bark control, to stop dogs from unnecessary and excessive barking, and for training purposes.

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When the dog is misbehaving, the electric shock is meant to caution the dog to stop the behavior. Electronic remote training collars help train your dog, even though they may not literally see or hear your commands. The collar also gives effective punishment from a distance when they deter.

Generally, a dog trainer or the owner administers the shock signals, to train a dog for security purposes (either as a guard dog or as a police dog) or simply to have a well-behaved dog in your home. For instance, when training with gundogs that may be required to sit down or run when a whistle is blown or a command is given, if the dog doesn’t sit or run right away, the dog is stunned as a reminder to comply with the proper behavior at once.

Understanding the Concept Behind the Best Dog Shock Collar

The electronic collars provide a small shock that is similar to a mild static shock to a human, and it does not hurt the dog. Many users argue that these collars actually give the dog a certain level of freedom because it provides a way to influence your dog’s behavior positively when they are off the leash.

Even with the best dog shock collars, there is some debate over the appropriate usage. One line of argument would say that these dog shock collars should only be used on canines with extreme behavioral issues—for example, to dismiss habits that could get a dog put down or taken by the authorities. Others say people should use the collars for corrective behavior, such as if a dog keeps getting into a garden patch or laying on the bed or any other domestic misbehavior that an owner might dislike. The owner will activate the collar to train the dog that this conduct is terrible. Some still that use the zap collar to signal a reinforcement of positive behaviors for the dog, which includes sitting, staying, or lying down.

Choosing the Best Dog Shock Collar

Knowing how important it is to give your dog the proper training in the best way possible, you must be able to distinguish the good from the bad and select the best dog shock collar considering these essential features that are stated below.

  • On-Off Buttons

The buttons on a shock collar transmitter are usually easy to press, which could cause you to shock your dog several times unknowingly. This especially happens if you leave the transmitter in your pocket. An on-off switch prevents this issue from happening, but regrettably, on-off switches are very rare in dog shock collars.

  • Comfort

Just like a regular collar, you want to ensure that the shock collar you by fits your dog correctly. It shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. Many dog collars are designed with metal prongs sticking out. These are supposed to act as electrodes and deliver the shock, and to do that, it should touch the neck of the dog. Therefore, ensure that you measure your dog well before you purchase.

  • Multiple Correction Options

Most devices will deliver a slight electric powered shock; however, the first-rate dog shock collars can additionally help you activate an audible tone or trigger some vibrations of the collar. It is a lot more efficient to apply the mildest corrections possible at first, so always begin with the mildest settings and slowly increase the intensity as required.

It is good to know that many dog shock collars come with four distinct styles of corrections: an electric shock, vibrations, an audible tone, and a blinking light. Even though you may not see much use for a blinking light in correcting a dog, On the bright side, this blinking light allows you to spot the dog after dark.

  • Ability to Switch between Correction Methods

Most good-quality, multiple features-enabled dog collars allow you to switch between the various correction methods. You want to apply the gentlest possible shock to obtain the desired result, so ensure you pick an e-collar that permits you to regulate the intensity of the shock. This ability is common to most dog collars today, but you need to be very thorough and ensure that the dog collar you want to purchase has this function.

You want to be able to adjust the intensity of the vibration applied too. Audible tones are not often adjustable on canine shock collars. However, that isn’t a huge hassle because most produce a sound that is very audible, yet not loud enough to be a nuisance to the dog.

  • Waterproof Device

Ideally, you’d want to prevent a situation where you’d have to take off the collar whenever it rains or if you plan to train your dog while swimming. Therefore, you should always look out for water-resistant collar designs. Apart from these reasons, it is also quite dangerous to mix water and electricity.

  • Sufficient Range

Modern-day dog collars work at distances of about 800 to 1000 feet, and that has proven to be adequate. The range is necessary to maintain control of your dog when they’re a bit far from you. This mostly occurs in situations where the dog has been sent to “fetch,” or when outdoors, in a park, or on a stroll.

Take note when purchasing because the manufacturers of these devices have been known to exaggerate the range of their shock collars slightly, so when you have an actual distance requirement, you’ll want to choose one with a range that exceeds your requirements by 10 to 20 percent.

  • Rechargeable Batteries

The best dog shock collars should be lightweight so that it doesn’t weigh the dog down and limit his or her mobility. To do this, the batteries that power the device ought to be small. This implies they won’t maintain a charge for very long (possibly a week), and that you would need to buy new batteries at least 50 times in 12 months for the transmitter and the receiver. Of course, this is not cost-effective and can be very inconveniencing.

A better alternative is to pick a dog shock collar that uses rechargeable batteries. Many of the best dog shock collars are equipped with charging-cable splitters, so you can charge the transmitter and the receiver components at the same time.

The Best Dog Shock Collars on the Market Right Now

1. Sports Dog Field Trainer 425

Best Dog Shock Collar

This versatile and very useful collar spans a range of 500 yards away from your dog and can control three dogs with the same transmitter. You can purchase an “add-a-dog collar” that’s available with this device to use with more than one dog. It has vibration features, an audible tone and seven levels of static stimulation from a low-level to a medium level.

The sports dog field trainer 425 fits dogs weighing 8 pounds or more and can fit necks from 5 inches to 22 inches. It is also very lightweight, weighing 3.3 ounces and is water-resistant up to 25 feet. It comes with a strap to match the collar, which can be used when walking with your dog. It has a very extended battery life, which enhances durability and a battery indicator, so you can tell what level of charge remains.


  •    Lightweight and doesn’t tamper with mobility
  •    Can be used on larger sized dogs
  •    The collar can fit a neck size from 5 inches to 22 inches.
  •    Water resistant
  •    Has various levels of shock range
  •    Has multiple correction options
  •    Comes with a leash
  •    Can be used on more than one dog
  •    Adequate range
  •    Includes a training manual and DVD


  •    Low to medium range may not work for dogs with aggression issues
  •    Feedback shows that it spans for only 300 yards
  •    Battery develops issues after a while.
  •    Has only 7 levels of stimulation


    2. Garmin Sport Pro

    Best Dog Shock Collars

    This device is loved for its quick turn dial. It easy to control, which gives you enough time to monitor your dog as he reacts to the different levels of stimulation. It ranges up to 10 degrees of the static shock and has four training buttons – one for a prolonged stimulation, another for a sudden jolt, and the remaining two for vibration and an audible tone. It also has a blinking light – a LED beacon light that helps you locate your dog in the dark, with visibility of up to 100 yards.

    The Gamin Sports Pro can also train up to three dogs with the transmitter, and it ranges about half a mile. It comes with a black collar strap that is made of polyurethane coated nylon for tenacity and durability. The package includes a split adapter cable that allows you to charge both receiver and transmitter at the same time.

    The Gamin Sports Pro bundle has a unique built-in control called a BarkLimiter. This allows you to put a stop to incessant barking quickly and easily. It has various settings to maintain peace and quiet.


    •    Features that guarantee efficient and straightforward dog training
    •    Water-resistant up to 10 meters
    •    Long-lasting, rechargeable battery
    •    Battery-life indicator present
    •    It has about 3/4 mile range
    •    Remote controlled LED lights
    •    Durable construction
    •    4 button controls
    •    Equipped for multi-dog training
    •    10 levels of stimulation for dogs of any size
    •    Powered with vibration and tone
    •    Interchangeable contact points (long and short prongs)


      3. Dogtra 1900S

      Dog Shock Collar

      The Dogtra 1900S is a single-dog training collar device that is one of the best dog shock collars. It is waterproof and made with durable materials such as polyester and nylon. Its stimulation levels range from low to high levels and can therefore be used on dogs of any size. It offers more advanced features than its earlier models such as stronger vibrations, increased range of about ¾ miles, slimmer collars, and transmitter that has handgrips for better control. The transmitter has a small screen to show the level of stimulation applied, which gives you everything you need to train your dog on land and in water.

      The rechargeable batteries of this system have a two-hour fast charge feature and comes with a universal battery charger. It has long and short metal prongs for the contact points, a twenty-eight inch black collar strap, and a splitter cable.

      There is a small side bag included in the package to contain all the gear, and it comes with an owner’s manual.


      •    Li-polymer battery with rapid charge capability
      •    Transmitter with hand grips
      •    Waterproof
      •    LCD screen to monitor activity
      •    Multiple correction methods: Nick, Constant, and Vibrate
      •    Low to high power output from range 0-127
      •    ¾-mile range


      •    Mostly recommended for dogs weighing over 20 pounds
      •    May not work well on aggressive dogs


        4. Garmin Pro 550

        Dog Shock Collars

        The Garmin Pro 550 offers advanced technology features for serious training for any dog owner or trainer. It has multiple correction methods, providing up to 21 levels of a sudden or prolonged shock signal, along with vibration and audible tone control. It has an extended range of one mile and multi-dog training capacity.

        It comes with remote controlled LED beacon lights to help one locate a dog in dark places. It also has interchangeable prongs of different lengths and includes the BarkLimiter feature for a quieter home. The construction is durable, made of lexan plastic and it has a ¾ black collar strap that fits dog necks up to 24 inches. It has a battery with approximately 60 hours of battery life. It is waterproof up to 10 meters.


        •    Split adapter
        •    One-mile range
        •    Waterproof
        •    Built-in BarkLimiter feature
        •    21 levels of stimulation along with tone settings and vibrations
        •    Long lasting batteries
        •    Multi-dog training ability
        •    Bark odometer that counts dog bark. Red light for 10 barks and a green light for 1 bark
        •    On-off switch present


        •    Low level of stimulations means it is not suitable for all dog sizes
        •    Does not come with an additional collar


        5. Garmin Delta XC

        top Dog Shock Collar

        A Garmin Delta XC makes any training enjoyable for the dog and the owner or trainer. It requires on-hand operations and covers half a mile range. It is also multi-dog enabled for training three dogs simultaneously.

        It has simple three button controls for tone, vibration, and momentary or continuous stimulation. It includes a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and it is a waterproof design.

        This particular Garmin design has dealt with the significant problem that those using a multi-dog enabled collar face. It has provided a way to quickly switch between dog one and dog two and turn off the settings for a dog three if there is none.


        •    Provides the option of using one dog, two dogs, or three dogs.
        •    Waterproof design
        •    Interchangeable long and short contact points
        •    18 levels of sudden or continuous shock signal
        •    BarkLimiter enabled
        •    Durable


        •    Does not offer an additional dog collar


        6. Dogtra iQ plus

        top Dog Shock Collars

        This brand has some of the best dog shock collars and is excellent for dogs of different sizes. The Dogtra iQ plus proves that small is powerful in this amazing specification layout. It operates using a one hand-held remote, has a 400-yard range with low to medium shock signal output, and can accommodate two dogs for training. It is designed with quick charge lithium polymer batteries that can be fully charged in two hours. It has multiple correction methods termed Nick, Constant, and Vibrate.


        •    Multiple dogs
        •    Long range
        •    Waterproof design
        •    Durable
        •    Rapid battery charge takes just two hours and can be used for six hours
        •    Comfortable wear
        •    Stimulation level from 1-100


        •    Made for dogs from 10pounds upwards
        •    May not control dogs with a tendency for aggression


        7. Sports Dog Yard Trainer

        top rated Dog Shock Collar

        A simple e-collar with the versatility and ruggedness of very superior designs, the Sports Dog SD-350 trainer supplies the sufficient basic training to be considered one of the best dog shock collars. It permits immediate correction-level modifications in both sudden and steady level stimulations that allow you to personalize the training. It has a tone setting that will enable you to communicate regularly with the dog.

        This device is 100% water resistant for reliable performance on land and in water. It has long-lasting NiMH rechargeable batteries to give you up to forty hours of use on a single charge. A collar has a low-battery indicator and long contact points for longer-haired dogs.


        •    It has a 300-yard range
        •    Waterproof at up to 25 feet
        •    Eight levels of adjustable correction from low to medium levels
        •    Audible tone feature included
        •    Collar fits onto dogs with neck sizes from 5 inches to 27.5 inches


        8. DT Systems IDT-Plus

        top rated Dog Shock Collar

        This design is a lightweight and comfortable construction that is usable for up to three dogs simultaneously. The transmitter is made with simple controls suitable for domestic use. The collar and transmitter are both water-resistant and fitted with rechargeable NiMH batteries.

        It is a hand-held remote-control operated device with 16 levels of sudden or steady stimulation on a quick dial for enhanced monitoring. It ranges up to 900 yards. The package comes with a black collar strap, a battery charger, and a user’s manual.


        •    Water resistant
        •    Owner’s manual included
        •    16 levels of adjustable shock signal
        •    It is lightweight
        •    Adequate range
        •    900-yard range
        •    One handheld operation


        •    Does not have an audible tone feature


          9. DT Systems R.A.P.T 1400

          Best Dog ShockCollar

          The DT Systems R.A.P.T. 1400 is one of the best dog shock collars on the market. It is a newly designed remote and a small and light-weight collar unit that is easy to hold. The collar is water resistant, has a rechargeable NiMH battery, and suits small to massive dogs.

          It has a curved transmitter design with a strap for more than one grip position. The transmitter has a quick access button that offers rapid corrections and can accommodate two or three dogs training at a time. It is rechargeable and optimal for small to large dogs from a neck size of 7 inches to 22 inches. It has 16 levels of stimulation provided on the dial on the transmitter and offers momentary and constant signals, vibrations and jolts.


          •    3/4 mile range
          •    Rapid access buttons
          •    Lightweight and waterproof
          •    Rechargeable battery
          •    On-off switch
          •    It has a transmitter lockout feature to prevent accidental shock
          •    Battery life indicator


          •    No audible tone feature


            How to Use a Dog Shock Collar

            You have to observe the proper measures to use a shock collar on your dog to avoid any mishaps.

            Pay Attention to the Instruction Manual: It is vital to read the commands that come with any shock collar. A shock collar can be set to different variations and duration of the shock signal. You should know how it works, how to set it up, and necessary precautions before putting it on any dog.

            Make Sure the Collar and Transmitter are Working: Put the batteries in the collar and transmitter and make sure that they are working well before placing them on the dog. Turn the settings on the lowest number to ensure that the dog collar does not shock your dog by accident.

            Fix the Collar: After observing the first two instructions, you may carefully place the collar on the dog’s neck. Some collars may be designed with prongs or little spikes that aim to secure the collar, but you do not want them to cause any pain. Make sure that the collar is tight enough that it won't fall off and that the prongs touch the dog's neck, but not so tight that it becomes uncomfortable for the dog or inhibits breathing.

            Don’t Turn it on Right Away: We advise you have the shock collar on your dog for several days before using it. This will allow the dog to get used to the device by first associating it with good times and bad times alike, rather than just plain punishment.

            The whole essence of using the best dog shock collars is to make the dog assume that the poor behavior is what is causing that shock, not the collar itself. This is why you should wait at least a week after using the collar. If you start using it on the dog and immediately start shocking it, the dog might also quickly determine that the trouble is with the collar.

            Start Using Your Device: When your dog is familiar with having the collar on its neck, you can start using the device. Begin at the lowest level of stimulation and pay attention to the dog’s reaction when you do this. The dog's ear may twitch, or it could shift its head as though looking to escape from the collar. In case the dog does not respond at the lowest stimulation, slowly turn the transmitter to the next option and observe again.

            Emphasize Instructions Your Dog Already Knows: In training a dog with an electronic collar, you should start with simple commands that the dog is familiar with. Say the command (it may be to sit or stay or down) and wait for your dog to respond to your instruction. If the dog is not responding in the way you want, press the button on your transmitter and repeat the command.

            Set the transmitter to the lowest degree of shock that your dog reacts to because you intend to train the dog, not harm him or her. Reward the dog as soon as it responds with praises or with a special treat. You may choose to say, "good dog," or something else you and the dog are used to.

            Prevent Bad Conduct: The electronic collar is intended to control disturbing or excessive behavior. For example, if your dog drags clothes from the clothing line or digs holes in the yard every time it goes out, be ready to use a digital collar to educate the dog once outside. When the dog starts to engage in some behavior that you need to get rid of, activate the transmitter.

            Do not stay on the button for more than three seconds and absolutely do not punch it repeatedly. The device is to teach your dog, not injure him or her.

            Also, be sure not to let your canine see you as you press the button. You don't want your dog to know you are inflicting the unpleasant sensation around its neck when it does something you don’t like. Instead, you want your dog to associate the feeling with the bad behavior he or she has.

            Advantages of the Best Dog Shock Collars

            Quicker Training

            The shock collar is something that your dog is entirely new to. Dogs are smart and will probably figure out in no time that a jolt means to stop what he’s doing and look to you for instruction. She or he will quickly come to associate the warning beep or vibration that comes before a shock with the unwanted conduct you are attempting to correct.

            Training Can Go on in Your Absence

            Some of the best dog shock collars work in association with electric fencing, and they are designed to function even while you aren’t around. If the dog draws too close to the border in the compound, he'll get the preliminary caution signal. A shock will only be applied if he keeps heading toward and beyond the fence. Even though a shock collar can also stop your canine from leaving the compound, it's not going to prevent people or different animals from entering.


            Dog shock collars are quite inexpensive, depending on capabilities such as the variety of use, remote control, and ranges of adjustability. Hiring a personal dog trainer or enrolling your dog in a dog training school will incur a considerable cost that most dog-lovers cannot afford. The shock collar is your entry into the best of both worlds because zap collars can be very affordable and available for your do-it-yourself training.

            Manages Aggression

            Dogs that are plagued by aggression issues can cause apprehension, not knowing when they’ll cause harm to others. A dog collar can help prevent this conduct over time because it shows the dog that unnecessary violent behavior is not acceptable. This will additionally be used as a safety protocol when taking a stroll or exercising with a dog that is aggressive.

            Curbs Incessant Barking

            If you have a dog that has the habit of unnecessary barking, this might just be the solution you’re looking for. In cases like this, training e-collars can be a powerful way to limit this behavior once you hit the remote. Remember not to get too annoyed by the barking that you hurt the dog – always start mildly and observe the resulting reaction first.

            Some other dogs do not bark so much when someone is home but are in the habit of howling once the owner leaves. This disturbs neighbors that hate hearing the barking throughout the day, and it might turn into a bigger issue if a neighbor complains to your property owner or some other authority.

            To correct this issue when you are not home, get one of the best dog shock collars below. Training collars can lessen this difficulty as a few are designed to pick up the sound of your dog's barking and trigger a static correction each time.

            Prevent or Halt Destructive Behaviors

            It is common knowledge that dogs like to bite, but when your dog begins to deviate from sticks and bones to fixtures, furniture, money, necessary files, and footwear, then one needs to reign in this biting. This conduct may be controlled by stimulating the static correction when you notice your dog starting to chew on something inappropriate.

            Just like chewing, dogs are also famous for burying treasures all over the yard, if they have access to it, only to dig them up and conceal them again. These damages to the lawn or garden bed can be expensive to repair, especially if you have invested in the landscaping.

            Once you begin to deter your dog from this habit using one of the best dog shock collars on this list, over time, damaging, chewing and digging will stop after the dog realizes that it's going to cause an unpleasant sensation.

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