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Adequan for Dogs | What to Expect in This Arthritis Injection for Dogs

Having a dog as a pet can be one of the most rewarding experiences and best relationships that you will ever have in your life. However, one of the biggest tragedies is watching our best friends start to wither away and grow old. As a loving owner, observing your dog going through problems with arthritis can be outright heartbreaking. On this page, we will describe whether or not you should consider Adequan for dogs or another one of the best arthritis injections for dogs.

Adequan for Dogs: What Is It & What Do I Need to Know?

Adequan® Canine is an FDA-approved medicine for assisting the joint health of your dogs. To do this, it works to restore the natural joint lubrication, alleviate inflammation, and allow your joints to produce healthy cartilage between the joints again. This is a professional treatment that will require you to visit the veterinarian several times for the absolute best results.

One of the Best Arthritis Injections for Dogs

Injections are one of the best ways to handle many types of bodily problems, including arthritis and joint health problems. Adequan stands out as one of the most widely recognized and accepted arthritis injections for dogs. With ingredients that have been proven to relieve pain, inflammation, and cartilage defects, this is a great option for dogs with arthritis.

Quick & Painless

Just like any other injection, one of the biggest perks of choosing Adequan for dogs with arthritis problems is the fact that each injection will be quick and painless. Although there are cases where the injection site stays sensitive for a short period of time, the process of using arthritis injections for dogs like Adequan will be most likely be very easy for your dog to handle.

Affordable with Real Results

One of the most immediate concerns that many dog owners would have before considering a treatment like Adequan for dogs is the budget and any financial limitations they may have. Thankfully, this is not a treatment that is out of the budget range for most dog owners. In all reality, it will cost roughly the same as you already spend on basic living necessities like their food, treats, toys, and so on.

FDA-Approved Injection

Whether it be arthritis injections for dogs or humans, injecting something into your body of yourself or our loved ones isn’t necessarily a stress-free process. However, since Adequan is an FDA-approved arthritis injection for dogs, you can be confident that even some of the smartest minds in the industry would support your decision. Since Adequan for dogs is an FDA-approved injection, any professional you find in the industry would also feel comfortable using it in many cases.

Requires Several Routine Injections

It’s important for anybody to understand that if you use Adequan for dogs who suffer from arthritis, you will also need to go back to the vet several times for a full and complete treatment. Typically, Adequan is supposed to be administered twice weekly for up to four weeks. The maximum number of treatments you might expect is eight injections. If you are willing to go to the vet and back up to eight times, then you won’t mind the fact that Adequan might force you to make several appointments before you notice the results.

Adequan for Dogs: Things Which Veterinarians Will First Check for

Adequan for dogs

Usually, arthritis injections for dogs are not simply given away once you pay a visit to the doctor and demonstrate that your dog is suffering from joint problems. Just like with many other types of treatment for various conditions, there are certain individuals who could benefit from a certain type of treatments, and those who could deteriorate further and encounter more advanced or additional issues as a result of the treatment. For your reference, here are some of the most basic things that a professional should check for before giving any dose of Adequan to your dog.  

Bleeding Disorders

If the veterinarian suspects that your dog is hypersensitive to PSGAG (the active ingredient) or suspect that your dog has any type of bleeding disorder, then Adequan should not be administered under any circumstances. The last thing that you want is for your dog’s body to react harshly to the medicine. If your dog is less capable of blood clotting and fighting against cuts, then it is simply not a good idea to treat their arthritis by an injection.

Renal or Hepatic Impairment

If your dog has ever suffered from any time of kidney or liver failures, then your dog might not be that great of a candidate for Adequan. Although there are circumstances where dogs that fit this description were able to receive successful treatments, it is a little riskier. Accordingly, the best person to consult for help is your veterinarian. They will be the best judge of whether or not your dog will be able to have a successful treatment. In any case, they will probably inform you of the increased risk of Adequan for dogs with renal or hepatic impairments.

Breeding, Lactating, or Pregnancy

Just like with human beings, dogs that are pregnant or breeding should do their best to avoid any sort of drugs or treatment in order to ensure that the babies are still able to thrive. Although dogs within this description are normally also too young to develop issues like arthritis, you should consider against using Adequan for dogs who are pregnant or in the process of becoming pregnant. Safe use of Adequan for dogs who are breeding has not yet been tested. Accordingly, your veterinarian will likely strongly advice against using Adequan for dogs who are in this category.  

Adequan for Dogs: Potential Negative Side Effects to Note

As with just about any type of medication, there are side effects. Although the positive ones typically include alleviation of pain, improvement of cartilage and joint lubrication, there are also some potential negative side effects that you need to be aware of. If you want the absolute best for your dog, you need to consider whether the potential for increased suffering outweighs the benefits that your dog can receive. Here are some of the worst side effects that have been noticed.

  • Diarrhea
  • Abnormal bleeding
  • Vomiting
  • Anorexia
  • Depression
  • Lethargy
  • Lingering Pain
  • Death (rare)

Although your dog may not encounter any of these side effects, history has demonstrated that each of the above things are a possibility. As we can see, there are some pretty scary things that might happen if you choose arthritis injections for dogs like this one. Accordingly, make sure you spend plenty of time considering the needs of your dog and what your veterinarian recommends so that you don’t make a decision that causes more suffering for your dog than what is necessary.

Adequan for Dogs: Process of the Treatment

Before you decide to pursue arthritis injections for dogs like this one, it’s important that you understand a few things about how the treatment process works.

Several Injections Are Necessary Over a Period of Weeks

It is crucial that you understand that Adequan is not an injection that will be done once. Although injections can sometimes be the fastest means of treating a bodily problem, joint health problems are a little more complicated. Accordingly, anybody who wants to try Adequan for dogs should expect to go to the veterinarian twice a week for about four weeks.

Each Injection Stimulates Cartilage Activity

The PSGAG included in each injection of Adequan will immediately start to bind to the cartilage in your dog's joints after being injected. Then, it will start to naturally reduce the inflammation and pain that your dog typically experiences. Finally, it works to stimulate cartilage activity and improve the lubrication of their joints.

Signs of Improvement Start Within a Month

Although the injection will start working immediately, you shouldn’t expect to really notice any results until you are past the four-week mark. Sometimes, Adequan for dogs will take continued physical therapy and exercise for a couple additional weeks after you finish the entire set of Adequan injections.

Adequan for Dogs: How to Ensure a Successful Treatment

In order to ensure that your dog has a successful treatment, you need to first make sure your veterinarian believes that your dog can be helped with Adequan. Since this arthritis injection for dogs is required by law to be administered by a professional, they will be the person who has the final say if your dog should receive this treatment.

However, there are also aspects of a successful treatment that your veterinarian will have very limited control over. This is where owner responsibility comes into play. Since this treatment requires you to do various things outside of simply taking your dog to the veterinarian, plan on doing the following things to ensure a successful treatment.

Daily Exercise

Adequan for dogs Physical TherapyExercise is something that your dog needs, regardless of whether or not they are in the middle of arthritis treatment. Exercise is something to help ensure that your dog’s joints and muscles can stay in shape. Although it may seem like exercise should be avoided during arthritis treatment, it will actually be necessary. Even though it may temporarily test the physical limits of your dog, their body will work to improve and become stronger with daily exercise.

Physical therapy during Adequan treatment is something which will help you to test and observe the limits of your dog’s physical capabilities while simultaneously having a plan for improving them. If you are wanting the absolute best treatment for your dog, it is highly recommended that you also have them do physical therapy during the process. A physical therapist will likely be experienced with dogs who are receiving Adequan treatment since it has been around for over 20 years.

A Healthy Diet

Taking extra steps to feed your dog healthy food during their Adequan for dogs treatment is absolutely crucial. After all, the food that they eat is where their body will receive the energy it needs to help improve the joint health. Accordingly, many veterinarians will recommend that you use a joint health supplement for dogs like the Free Range Formula in between each treatment. If you use a high-quality supplement geared towards improving joint health while simultaneously administering weekly injections, then you are only boosting your chances of a quick and efficient treatment.

Ensuring a Healthy Diet: Best Food to Have During Adequan Treatment

As we mentioned above, feeding your dog a healthy diet during treatment is one of the ways that you may be able to minimize the number of injections, and the length of time that your dog will have to receive treatment before you notice the desired results. Since food is consumed daily, having food with active ingredients for fighting arthritis and joint health problems is important. With generous portions of active ingredients widely known for assisting joint and paw health in dogs, the Free Range formula from Alpha Dog Nutrition is a wonderful supplement to add into your dog’s daily diet.  

Alpha Dog Nutrition Free Range Joint and Paw Health Formula

Whether or not you decide that arthritis injections for dogs are the right course of action, one of the best ways of treating arthritis and joint problems in the first place is by considering a supplement which is known to help improve the health of your dog’s joints naturally. One of the best supplements for naturally improving the joint health of your dog without visiting the doctor is the Free Range formula from Alpha Dog Nutrition. Here are some of the reasons that you might consider using a supplement like this either instead of or alongside the Adequan treatment.

Joint Health & Arthritis Formula

For starters, this is a supplement that contains various ingredients known to assist with the joint health and painful sensations that your dog is experiencing on a daily basis. Specifically, this product contains Glucosamine HCI, MSM, Chondroitin Sulfate, Brewers Yeast Powder, and Vitamin E. When added into your dog’s normal meals, these active ingredients can help accomplish many of the same things that Adequan can do. Accordingly, it is a great product to consider using either alongside or as an alternative to arthritis injections for dogs.  


Any sort of inflammation that your dog has developed on their joints needs to be taken care of in order to improve their health. Since this supplement works to both improve the joint and cartilage health and fight inflammation, many of the problems that can be addressed with Adequan are also capable of being handled by a supplement like this one. Specifically, inflammation in areas like the hips, elbows, spine, and paws can be alleviated with consistent use of this supplement.

Helps Maintain Healthy Paws

Adequan for dogs

Having healthy joints would be almost worthless if your dog also has problems with their paws. Accordingly, one of the features that make this supplement stand out as a wonderful choice is that it also works to promote healthy skin and offers plenty of support for your dog’s paws. In other words, there are also further benefits for using a supplement like this one that arthritis injections for dogs will not be able to easily duplicate.

Can Be Automatically Delivered to your Doorstep

Since many people who decide to try this supplement as an alternative to Adequan for dogs apparently become hooked on it after seeing the results, one nice aspect of this product is that you can subscribe to automatically purchase and receive the supplement each month. This means that if you decide to make this a go-to supplement to help your dog’s joint health, you won’t have to constantly order and re-order more. You can simply provide your information once and you will be set until you cancel the subscription.

May Replace the Need for Injections

A supplement like this is specifically designed to accomplish many of the same things that arthritis injections for dogs can do. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that all dogs will notice the same results. Although some dogs may notice quick and immediate results after using the Free Range supplement, there will still be those who will require further treatment like arthritis injections for dogs.

Reasonable Price for Each Package

If you are limited to a tight budget, you should be primarily concerned with finding the best way to treat joint health problems without having to spend that much money. If you don’t imagine yourself being able to afford an extensive treatment of many different injections, physical therapy, and so on, you might instead start with a supplement like Free Range. Each package is very affordable and will last you at least a couple weeks between each order.

Can be Used Before/During/After Treatment

Since this is just a supplement, there are no prescriptions or visits to the veterinarian that will be necessary in order to start using it. This means that you can start by using a supplement like this one and seeing if there are any results before deciding to pursue arthritis injections for dogs like Adequan. Best of all, though, this is a product that can be used safely before, during, and after injections of Adequan for dogs.

Adequan for Dogs: Major Points & Summary

Having a loved one who suffers from arthritis can be a painful experience to watch. Since there are arthritis injections for dogs and various other means of improving joint health like the Free Range supplement, there is simply no excuse for sitting idly and letting your dog continue to suffer. Accordingly, physical therapy, exercise, and Adequan for dogs are all wonderful ways to start improving the joint health of your beloved furry friends today.

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