How to Treat Arthritis in Dog Knees

One of the worst experiences a hunting dog owner can have is realizing that their once active sidekick is starting to encounter arthritis in their joints. Owners may notice activity that exemplify a dog’s symptoms such as favoring one leg over another or the inability to no longer do simple tasks  (going for walks, eating, etc.).

The most frequent area of pain that a hunting dog can find arthritis symptoms is in the knees—because of this it is very important to catch the warning signs ahead of time and also treat the pain so that your hunting dog gets the relief it needs to go on with their everyday lives.

]Typical dog arthritis pain relief treatments can include anything ranging from homeopathic and natural aids to medical intervention depending on the severity of the case. Arthritis in dogs can be mild to extreme based on several factors—breed, size, and weight. Some breeds have a pre-existing tendency to develop bone and joint issues such as arthritis and hip dysplasia, just to name a few.

A hunting dog that is overweight can also encounter arthritis issues more frequently than hunting dogs that are at a normal and healthy weight. Many veterinarians would first ask that an owner adjusts the diet and nutrition of their hunting dog so that they can lose unnecessary weight and decrease pressure on the knees or joints that are experiencing arthritis. If this does not work, additional treatments may be suggested to reduce pain and inflammation.

Certain Nutrients Help Ease Symptoms and Progression of Arthritis in Dog Knees

Another dog arthritis pain relief treatment is to add a vitamin or supplement to the diet that contains glucosamine and other anti-inflammatory elements. One example is Free Range, a vitamin supplement that is made specifically for hunting dogs by Alpha Dog Nutrition. This supplement contains a balanced amount of glucosamine, vitamin E, and other ingredients that provide joint support, paw health, and acts as an anti-inflammatory.

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Lastly, arthritis in dogs can be challenging—if pain or discomfort persists, many owners will turn to any relief. Acupuncture has been shown to be a great addition to combating arthritis in dog knees and joints. Combination treatments can be used, but in any situation, expert veterinarian advice should be heeded.

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