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“Considering it’s not like your dog turns into the incredible hulk when they take supplements it’s hard to tell if this is entirely due to Vitality, but I honestly can’t think of anything else we changed. After about a 3 weeks of having our Brittany on Vitality he suddenly went from a pretty sleepy guy to an excited dude running around the yard chasing birds off the lawn.” -Charlie

“My Llewelyn Setter has a heart murmur, so we really wanted to put her on something that helped keep her heart as healthy as possible without breaking the bank. Vitality definitely fits the bill .” -Bonnie

“My yellow lab definitely seemed to have a little more pep to her step after about 4-5 weeks of taking Vitality. It’s been really cool seeing her so excited about everything again” -Dave



A healthy dog is more than just a luxury.

Helping make sure your dog is getting the proper nutrition does so much more than just help the dog move around the house.

Because here’s what good nutrition from supplements like Vitality can do:

Plus, its a great little treat for them every day. By giving your dog Vitality on a regular basis, you help ensure that your all time, money and emotional investment in your dog is protected.

Like Charlie mentioned in his review - your dog won't turn into the Hulk or Superman by taking Vitality, but he's sure as heck going to feel better long term.

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Vitality isn't just any Omega 3 supplement:

Most omega 3 supplements on the market are made from fish oil and contain toxins absorbed from their environment. So we wanted to bring our dogs a natural, more sustainable source of Omega 3's that had all the benefits of those fish oils, but that didn't include all those toxins.

And krill oil was the perfect ingredient. Here’s why:

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There are hundreds of omega 3's out there, and all of them offer something new or different. Which why it’s so important to understand what you’re giving your dog.

And the easiest way to do this is to look at the source of them.

We chose the more sustainable, toxin free, easier to digest krill.

And every capsule is manufactured, packed, & shipped from right here in the United States. This means that Vitality is harvested, encapsulated and shipped to you in just a matter of weeks.

A benefit you only get from buying a truly sustainable product.

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