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By Alpha Dog Nutrition

Here at Alpha Dog Nutrition, we're here to make sure we maintain that Vitality in your dog. Given as a daily supplement to your dog's normal routine, Vitality contains powerful omega 3 fatty acids that reduce blood clots, lubricate joints, help skin & coat, assist in maintaining eyesight, and so much more!

 We didn't just opt for any ol' omega 3 though! We chose the highest quality source for it - the Krill. Without getting too technical, Krill based omega 3's are easier to digest & overall healthier for your dog.

The biggest mistake that dog owners make is waiting until they see an issue to start providing supplemental help. If your dog has developed joint stiffness already, that means the cartilage in their joints has broken down already. The goal is to prevent that from happening in the first place.

 "It's a heck of a lot easier to maintain a vehicle than it is to fix one that's already broken down. Our dog's bodies are no different."

- Joe Scott 

Founder of Alpha Dog Nutrition

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Small Bottle. 

Big Impact.

Buy Vitality Now!

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