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Resurgence by Alpha Dog Nutrition
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by Alpha Dog Nutrition

 When it comes to a long weekend of hunts or physical in exercise, success is measured just as much in birds bagged as it is by the ability to rebound and keep going

 And nothing will bring a weekend of hunting crashing down quite like a dog that's worn down, exhausted, or possibly even injured. 

 Our bird dogs are such incredible athletes that its very common to simply assume that they're bulletproof & can do literally anything we want them to

 Until they can't. 

 Without proper nutrition, muscles & joints are going to give in at some point. It might not be the first or second day. Heck, it might not even be the first weekend you hit the grouse woods or the duck blind. 

 But if you're not replacing those nutrients lost during exercise, you're seriously risking an injury to your dog. 

 Think about NFL or NHL athletes - While injuries can certainly pop up at any point of the year, the fatigue injuries are always racking up at the end of the season

They're trying to take care of themselves, but their bodies simply can't keep up with what they're being forced to do

 That's where Resurgence comes into play. 

We're replacing lost nutrients for after a hunt or long day of exercise so that we can keep our dogs healthy all season long. 

 Is there a chance they'll make it through the season no problem? Absolutely! 

 But like we said earlier, our dogs are bulletproof...Until they're not. 

 Get Resurgence today & give your dog the post-workout they need to keep working hard all season long.

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