Top Hunting Dog Trainers in Nebraska

Nebraska is home to exciting upland opportunities like prairie chicken and grouse, as well as rabbit and squirrel. There’s big game hunting too; mule deer, bighorn sheep, elk, white-tailed deer, and four types of wild turkey. Hunting in Nebraska is the next best thing to winning the lottery. And what makes hunting that much better? A loyal and obedient bird dog, whom you happen to have feelings for. To help you accomplish just that, here are some of the best hunting dog trainers in Nebraska.



Chad Phillips at Philips Gun Dog Training

Location:  Garland, Nebraska



When we asked our Facebook followers to recommend their favorite hunting dog trainers, we got so many recommendations for Chad Phillips of Phillips Gun Dog Training. This pro clearly has some tricks up his sleeve when it comes to training top-notch hunting dogs. 

Around 15 years ago, Phillips was introduced to the AKC Hunt test and from then on he became incredibly passionate about training dogs and hunt tests. Phillips offers upland bird training for all pointing and flushing breeds. His programs start with basic training and move on to advanced hunt test training for master hunter levels. As an AKC Hunt Test Judge, Phillips has watched a wide variety of dogs compete in the field, granting him a unique understanding of different breeds and demeanors. His customized training programs are made to fit the individual dog, to put in the time and energy this takes he never trains more than 2 dogs at a time.

Here’s what real clients are saying about Phillips Gun Dog Training:

“Nothing but great things to say about Phillips Gun Dogs. Chad and Julie have been awesome to work with and we love our 2 GSH's Drake and Bella. They have both turned into good hunters and PGD is always happy to give tips on training and answer any questions we've had about raising our dogs. You can’t go wrong with Phillips Gun Dogs.” –Lenny Beall

“After having Chad train a few of my dogs, I acquired a fourth dog from which it wasn't working for that owner. His loss, I sent him to Chad for a month of training he has been a great family dog as well as hunter. Took him to Kansas for opening weekend after having him as just a house dog no additional work in spring and summer. This dogs out of huck and Kayce litter. I will from now moving forward buy all my gsps from Chad. This pup retrieved to hand held point found dead birds. Great bloodlines!” –Zachary Smith 

Jessica Bock at Surefire Gun Dogs & Obedience

Location: Omaha, Nebraska



Jessica’s career as a successful hunting dog trainer began over 10 years ago as she worked to train her own dogs for AKC Hunt Tests and Field Trials. Jessica soon realized her passion was big enough to fuel a business, and the rest is history. Jessica learned to train using traditional methods, such as force fetching, but over time she realized positive reinforcement techniques yielded better results. Her Positive Trained Retrieve program is the “dog friendly alternative to Force Fetching.” 

She offers numerous other programs as well, such as Drive Building, Preliminary Exposures, Started Upland Gun Dog, Finished Upland Gun Dog, and Advanced Waterfowl. For dogs that are gun shy or have “shut down,” Jessica offers special Gun Dog Rehab programs.

Jessica is certified through the Council of Professional Dog Trainers, she’s also a professional member of the APDT.

Here’s what real clients are saying about Surefire Gun Dogs & Obedience:

“Jessica Bock (owner/operator) of Surefire Gun Dogs out of Omaha NE is flat out amazing. The best money I ever spent on my dogs. Professional trainer, attentive to my requests, and just all around a great person. I am more than satisfied with the results, and will recommend Jessica to anyone that will listen to me.” –Joshua Badura 

“Jessica is a fantastic trainer!! She uses positive training techniques to build a great retriever that loves to “work!” She is very patient with the dogs and treats them like they are her own!! She sends updates and pictures/videos all the time! Our boys miss going to class and seeing miss Jessica!! She got the boys to retrieve to hand in a very short time! (They liked to play keep away) I am excited to take them hunting this fall/winter and watch them enjoy retrieving!! Jessica rocks!!!” –Curtis Self

“Jessica Bock is a fantastic dog trainer. She uses positive training techniques and produces a very biddable and enthusiastic hunter. She will treat your dog like one of her own. She threw a birthday party for girl (GWP) and an Easter Egg hunt. She was very prompt with communications and very easy to work with, very thorough with her paperwork, and sent photos and videos regularly. We drove eight hours so she could train our girl.” –Dave Burk

Dale & Kris Taylor of Premier Gundogs Training Kennel

Location: Hallam, Nebraska



Dale and Kris Taylor are partners in life and business. These two understand the importance of quality team work when it comes to humans and their dogs. Mr. Taylor’s devotion to training dogs began early in life as he worked alongside his Grandfather training Springer Spaniels. As a kid, Dale trained different dog breeds and sold them as started hunting dogs. By 18, he started to professionally train, handle and trial UKC Treeing Walker Coonhounds. In 1982, his first customer’s dog won a Grand Night Champion. Since then, he’s trained many more dogs to score winning titles.



All these years later and Dale is still at it, only with a lot more experience and knowledge under his belt. In college, Dale majored in Animal Science/Pre-Vet, granting him even more knowledge to draw upon out in the field. His wife Kris grew up training and showing horses. After meeting Dale, she developed a passion for training gun dogs.

Premier Gundogs offers Foundation Training, Waterfowl Training, Advanced Training, Upland Training, and Hunt Test Training. They also offer a Pointing Labrador Upland Training program focused on bringing out the natural steadfastness in your Labrador.

Here’s what real clients are saying about Premier Gundogs Training:  

“Brought my lab Drake down to Dale and he did wonders! Can't wait for this upcoming season! Highly recommend Dale with Premier Gundogs.” –Bobby Theulen

“Dale does a great job! Bring your dog won't regret it!” –Riley Sandall

Misty Klug of Muddy Paws Dog Training

Location: Maxwell, Nebraska (near North Platte)



Misty has been training dogs and horses for over 15 years. Horses were her first love, but after working with herding dog breeds she realized how much she enjoyed training dogs. This lead her to explore other avenues of dog training, including field training and tests with the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association, as well as the American Kennel Club.

You can board your dog at Muddy Paws for training, and/or take private one-on-one lessons with your dog under Misty’s experienced guidance. Private lessons are meant to develop a stronger team and a more obedient and loyal dog. Farm-raised stock of homing pigeons, quail and pheasant ensure there are always real birds for learning and practice.

You can rest assured your dog will receive the highest quality care, after all, Misty only trains dogs in small numbers so she can focus on each dog as an individual. She has found that socialization paired with quality training makes for the best and happiest dogs. Misty and her team are trusted to train and handle dogs for American Kennel Club and North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association. 

Here’s what real clients are saying about Muddy Paws Dog Training:  

“Misty was wonderful with our Springer Spaniel!! Great training, boarding and facilities, we highly recommend her!” –Angie Kovanda Lewis

“Misty did a great job working with my GSP. She treated us very well. She did an excellent job on whoa training and was very helpful teaching me how to keep working with her. Thanks again.” –Andy Houser

“I would most certainly recommend. Misty did a wonderful job with my Aussie. The obedience training was top notch. The instructions she gave me to continue his training was very good. The care and facilities are first rate.” –Roger Windhoiz 

Aaron Schroder at Pheasant Bonanza Hunt Club

Location: Tekamah, Nebraska



Aaron’s Instagram:

Aaron Phillip Schroder is the head dog trainer at Pheasant Bonanza Hunt Club, he also works as a full-time wing shooting and waterfowl guide during hunting season. Aaron has hunted all over the country, but he has spent his entire life hunting in the Loess Hills. Aaron’s training programs are all about the birds, “Birds birds birds! I put tons of birds on my younger dogs for the first month of our training,” writes Aaron. 

Luckily, Pheasant Bonanza Hunt Club has plenty of birds thanks to a full on-site aviary. “On the average we have 200 pheasants, 100 chukar, 100 quail, and 500+ pigeons… I use them daily in my training.” 

Aaron has trained many dogs who have gone on to win titles in North America and Canada, and are successful in the blind and upland field for the foot hunter.

Here’s what real clients are saying about Aaron Schroder:

“Aaron trained my GSP recently, and he did a great job. His training approach and focus makes a ton of sense, and Remi is ready to hit the field this fall!” –Adam Hoogeveen

“Best lab puppies in Nebraska paired with the best upland hunting ground and dog training.” –Jake Denker

Don’t see your favorite Nebraska hunting dog trainer on our list?

You can still submit your favorite bird dog trainer in the comments section below. If the trainer you nominate meets all our qualifications, we are more than happy to add them to our Alpha list of Top Trainers.

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