Meet 3 Dog Heroes Who Accomplished the Unthinkable Out in the Field

Let’s give a round of ‘apaws’ for three hero dogs near and dear to our hearts.

Have you ever thought that someday your hunting dog could save your life? No matter how incredible you think your dog is, chances are he/she is more amazing than you could ever fully realize unless put to the test. Not all dogs are presented with a challenge so great, but some who are surprise us with their uncanny senses and determination. There are many dog heroes out there credited with saving lives and surviving what seems like the impossible. Read on to meet 3 dog heroes credited with saving lives and accomplishing the unthinkable.    

Dog Hero #1


Soot is a black Labrador who was awarded with the 2012 Hero Dog Award in the Search and Rescue Dog category. The certified search and rescue dog was credited with saving the life of a 78-year-old diabetic hunter. The missing hunter wandered off one frigid morning in December in the remote backcountry of Logan County, West Virginia.

Rest assured, Soot came to the man’s rescue thanks to his excellent sense of smell. The dog initially picked up the missing man’s scent miles away from where he confidently led first responders.

Dog Hero #2


It was an ordinary day in September when Mo, a 12-year-old Chesapeake Bay Retriever, went missing while out hunting with her owners Darwin and Cindy Cameron. The Cameron family spent 3 months desperately searching for Mo; their worries only increased as one of Idaho’s coldest winters on record rolled in. Mo’s old age and hearing loss caused her family to assume the worst, that their beloved dog was no longer around.

3 months after Mo first went missing, Cheri Glankler stumbled upon the dog—now incredibly thin and covered in ticks. “The way she looked, there’s no way someone was taking care of her,” said Glankler. The tough as nails hunting dog has since been reunited with her owners where she will happily live out the rest of her days surrounded by love.


Dog Hero #3


Meet Patty, runner up for the 2001 “Dog Hero of the Year” award. While Patty is no longer with us, the yellow lab retriever goes down in bird dog history for saving her owner from drowning while the two were out hunting ducks in winter. The boat Ray Fogg and his dog Patty were hunting from capsized in the ice-cold North Atlantic waters. Patty offered Fogg her tail and as he gripped tight she miraculously swam them to safety against a powerful current. The two made it to land where they were rescued by game wardens several hours later. 

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