Hunting Adventure of the Month: Texas Hogs

Welcome to the heated summer month of June. If you are like the rest of the United States you are noticing the heat index climb steadily, the days longer, and the roadways packed with summer adventurers. Now is the time where you assess your own schedule and find time to get away from your day-to-day worries to escape and do something you love. If you are an avid hunter you know that summer months offer a mixture of hunts across the country. 

Traveling down to the plains of Texas may seem like a recipe for disaster for those who don’t care for humidity and heat, but Texas offers one of the best hunts for those who are looking for a nighttime excursion.

During the summer months many enjoy hunting large Texas hogs—and do so after the sun goes down.  Utilizing night-vision goggles, hunters can sneak up and find the best Texas hogs. 

Where do I find these hunts in Texas?

Since this is a hunt that requires the use of night-time equipment that many do not have on hand, there are plenty of ranches in Texas to offer their land and services. Places like Independence Ranch in Gonzales, TX have various packages that range from simple guided tours and meals to all-out lodging, meal, and butchering packages.

Another large attraction to the hunting community is nestled in the deep south part of Texas—King Ranch. For over 164 years, this hunting playground has been a sought-after destination for ranchers and hunters alike. Not only does it serve as a great reminder of Texas history and the importance of ranching and hunting to the community by providing museum tours, it also is a rich hunting ground for those that are seeking to hunt deer, turkey, and large hogs.

This ranch may seem a bit off the grid for individuals who are looking for something more centralized, but the ranch itself is near a large coastal city, Corpus Christi, which also provides plenty of opportunity for fishing, jet-skiing, and other recreational activities.

Preparing your Alpha Dog

All the adventure in the new hunting spot may be a bit more strenuous on your hunting pal, so don’t forget that if you are planning to make the trek down south on a nice long road trip that you may also want to do additional research on the climate. Each breed of dog may react differently to hotter areas so it’s always good to ensure your pet has plenty of water, nutritious foods, and supplements to sustain a new terrain.  So gear up, get excited—and find your new adventure!




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