Featuring: Vault Cargo Management

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Featuring: Vault Cargo Management

We’re incredibly proud and excited to announce our working partnership with Vault Cargo Management. At first glance, there may not appear to be a direct connection between dog nutrition and one of the fastest growing cargo management & vehicle recovery companies in the world - but it is actually a great fit. 

Vault Cargo Management's focus isn't simply on products or vehicles – they're focused on the people that use them. Their primary goal is to keep our community safe by providing quality products and information to ensure everyone gets to their next adventure safely. This community is made up of a very large number of hunters that use dogs in their pursuits...and hunting dogs are right up our alley.

Just as you invest in quality hunting gear, your hunting buddy also needs quality care and support. The hunters of Vault’s community will now be able to take their favorite hunting buddy along for years to come. If you need quality straps, cargo options and hauling tools that will hold up and keep you going from hunt to hunt, then Vault Cargo is the supply you need.

Check out their site and tell 'em Alpha sent you. Save 10% with code ALPHA10

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